How to Dress Like Forrest Gump

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Distressed Cap Red
Two Button Suit with Flat Front Pant
Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt
Saddle-Leather Reversible Belt
Adult Striped Knee Socks
1/2 LB White Candy Boxes
Cortez Basic Leather '06 Casual Shoe

Best Forrest Gump Costume Guide

A costume party is like a box of chocolates… you never know who you’re going to see. Be sure that Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, makes an appearance with this outfit.

Dress just like Forrest with a Two Button Suit with Flat Front Pants, Rapid Rivers II Long Sleeve Shirt, Saddle-Leather Reversible Belt, Adult Striped Knee Socks, and Nike Cortez Basic Leather Shoes. Complete the look with a Bubba Gump Distressed Red Cap and a White Candy Box.

Forrest Gump Cosplay Costumes

There are so many directions you can go in when cosplaying Forrest Gump. The possibilities are endless, and all are equally fun. Forrest’s life brought him to many places, and he played many roles throughout the award winning movie. We’ve kept it simple and have chosen his bench persona. A light colored suit and blue plaid shirt coupled with patriotic colored Nikes and his Bubba Gump Shrimp hat will complete your look.

There are multiple ways you can include other cast members in this cosplay. You can choose to have your family or friends represent Forrest at the different events in his life. Ping pong playing Forrest, suit and tie Forrest, bearded running man Forrest are just a few of ways you can make a success of your Gump cosplay. Of course, Forrest couldn’t live without his beloved Jenny by his side, or the venerable Lieutenant Dan. Have some fun with your bestie and let them be the Bubba to your Forrest! Take a moment and take a look at our featured pictures. Send in your own ideas; we’d love to see them!

Forrest Gump Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the shoes of the endearingly sincere and straightforward Forrest Gump with our costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the classic film “Forrest Gump.” Ideal for fans looking to capture Forrest’s unique blend of innocence, determination, and unwitting historical influence, this guide will help you recreate his memorable look, complete with his iconic running outfit and box of chocolates.

Forrest Gump's most iconic outfit is his running attire, which includes a light blue checkered shirt with short sleeves, red shorts, and a white Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hat. He also wears white crew socks with blue and red stripes at the top and a pair of classic Nike Cortez running shoes in red, white, and blue. Forrest's look is completed with a beard and long hair, symbolizing his cross-country run. Another notable outfit is his simple black suit with a light blue checkered shirt, worn during his bench scenes.

To replicate Forrest's running look, find a light blue checkered shirt and pair it with red shorts. The white Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hat is a distinctive accessory and can often be found as a replica. Wear white crew socks with blue and red stripes and classic Nike Cortez sneakers to complete the outfit. If you're able to grow a beard and long hair, that's ideal, but a fake beard and wig can also work.

The key footwear for Forrest's running outfit is the classic Nike Cortez sneakers. For accessories, besides the Bubba Gump hat, you might carry a box of chocolates, as a nod to one of the film's famous lines, "Life is like a box of chocolates."

To fully capture Forrest Gump's character, adopt his slow, Southern accent and his straightforward, earnest demeanor. Forrest often has a thoughtful expression, and he's known for his gentle and kind nature. Mimicking his unique running style can also add a touch of authenticity.

Including some of Forrest's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging: "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.," "Stupid is as stupid does.," "Run, Forrest, run!," "I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is." and "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is." These quotes capture Forrest's simple wisdom, his experiences, and his heartfelt approach to life's challenges.

About Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a beloved figure in cinematic history. With his childlike innocence and quiet determination to make his mark in the world, he is a character well worth representing in cosplay. Forrest loves his mama, who supports him throughout his trials and experiences, with her unconditional love. He was taught to dance by Elvis, shook the hand of President Kennedy and fought in Vietnam, where he met his good friend Bubba while doing a little ping-ponging on the side.

He is simple, and he is true; there is no better example of this than his relationship with childhood crush Jenny. Meeting her as a boy when she stuck up for him against a bully on the bus, Forrest fell in love with Jenny that very day and his love would endure through the decades. Years later Forrest and Jenny would have a son, who they named after Forrest. Meeting his son is the only time Forrest references his mental delays. He is a treasured character in American film history and one fun and easy to cosplay.

Forrest Gump

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