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At the end of Toy Story 3, Andy left his toys with a new child named, Bonnie. In the most recent Disney Pixar film, Toy Story 4, the familiar friends are settling nicely into their new home. They’re having fun with their younger owner, Bonnie, and her existing toys. Toy Story 4 follows the toys as they go on a road trip, meeting old and new faces alike along the way.

A new addition to the group is a spork named, Forky. He’s kind and joyful toy, but his naivety tends to get him in a lot of trouble. Although Bonnie made him, he believes he’s trash. He often tries to throw himself into any trash bin he comes across and calls himself “Bonnie’s trash.” He doesn’t think he’s considered a toy and spends a lot of time trying to come to terms with being sentient. Get the look of Bonnie’s craft with this Sporky costume guide. Look like Forky with a White Sweater, Beige Jeans, Beige Buttons, Knit Gloves, Forky Mask, Fabric Paint, and Adidas Sneakers.

Forky Cosplay Costumes

Bonnie created forky during an arts and crafts activity at school. It takes Forky a while to understand his place, as he believes he should only be used as a food utensil. Sheriff Woody has to continually hold Forky back from throwing himself in the trash or out the window. Woody tries to explain the importance of being a toy and the joy that comes from it, but Forky still doesn’t understand why he must be a toy. After some time, he does learn to love who he is and begins to embrace his “weirdness.”

The toys from Toy Story are the perfect cast of characters to form a group cosplay as you dress up like Sporky! You can have friends accompany you dressed like Sheriff Woody, Jessie, Andy, Barbie, and Ken. Just make sure humans aren’t around to catch you walking around! This is such a unique costume that you must submit a few photos to the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Forky Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the lovably quirky character Forky from “Toy Story 4” with our creative costume guide FAQ. Forky, a craft project turned sentient toy, is a unique and endearing addition to the Toy Story universe. This guide will help you recreate his simple yet iconic look, perfect for a fun and imaginative cosplay experience.

Forky's design is delightfully simple, embodying the essence of a child's craft project. Key components include a white spork body, red pipe cleaner arms, a blue plasticine base for the feet, and googly eyes of different sizes. His mouth is a small, squiggly piece of red plasticine or wax. To create a wearable costume, consider a white bodysuit or tunic as the base, with these features attached or painted on.

Forky's facial expression is endearingly lopsided due to his mismatched googly eyes. To recreate this, use large, uneven googly eyes that you can attach to a headband or directly onto a white hood or hat. His mouth, a simple red squiggle, can be drawn on with fabric paint or attached as a piece of red material.

For Forky's arms, use red pipe cleaners that you can shape and attach to the sides of your white bodysuit or tunic. His feet, which are made of blue plasticine in the movie, can be represented with blue shoes or foot coverings. You can also attach blue fabric or foam cutouts to the bottom of your outfit to mimic his base.

An important detail for Forky's costume is the rainbow sticker on his left foot, which you can recreate with colored markers or fabric paints on blue material. Additionally, attaching a popsicle stick fragment to the back of the costume can mimic his broken popsicle stick feet, adding another layer of authenticity to the outfit.

Forky is known for his existential crisis and humorous lines. Including phrases like “I’m not a toy!” or “I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash!” can capture his character's essence. Emulating his wobbly walk or tendency to fall over can also add a playful and authentic touch to your portrayal.

About Forky

Forky is the new addition to the familiar group of toys that appear in the Toy Story franchise. Bonnie brings home Forky from school, where she made him in a craft class from a spork. At first, he hates the idea since he’s not a toy. He’s supposed to be used for food and then thrown away! This notion of belonging in the trash leads him to try and throw himself out regularly, but Woody always manages to stop him.

When they go on their road trip with Bonnie, Forky gets captured by some antique dolls. Woody comes to his rescue, at the loss of his voice box, and gets him out alive. Through the ups and downs of the movie, Forky learns to love who he is, despite being a little weird. When Bonnie comes home with a new toy called Knifey, Forky helps the new toy transition. He finally manages to see himself as a toy more than trash. With a renewed attitude, Foky tries to show the same kindness to others that Woody showed him. 


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