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Ford Pines Costume Guide
Long Sleeve Turtleneck Pullover Tops
Brown Trench Coat
Black Pants
Clubmaster Glasses
Men's Gray Color
Black Messenger Bag
Composite Toe Boot

Best Ford Pines Halloween Costume Guide

Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines, the twin siblings and main characters from the animated Disney series Gravity Falls have different outlooks on their Gruncle Ford. Ford Pines is the paranormal investigator who moved to Gravity Falls to study and record the supernatural activity around the small town. Dipper idolizes Ford and he is flattered by Dipper’s adoration of his life’s work that is documented in a series of journals. During season 2, it was revealed that Ford is actually Stan Pines’ long-lost twin brother. Get the look of the investigator with this Ford Pines costume guide.

Cosplay Ford Pines by wearing the outfit that matches his personality and passion for ghosts, goblins, and whatever creatures he comes across in Gravity Falls! Start by wearing a Long Sleeve Turtleneck Pullover Top, Brown Trench Coat, Black Pants, and a pair of Composite Toe Boots. Grab a Messenger Bag, Clubmaster Glasses, and a box of temporary Men’s Gray Color for your hair!

Ford Pines Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up as a funky character instead of a funky costume can be a nice cosplay twist! There are quite a few that appear on the Disney series Gravity Falls. Though Ford Pines’ style isn’t crazy, his personality is another story! The great thing about this cosplay is that you very likely own most of the pieces from Ford’s costume. Check your closet for black pants, a maroon turtleneck shirt, brown boots, and a pair of glasses. If you don’t own any of those pieces, try checking out a local thrift store! Look for a messenger bag and a trench coat too. You may have to order some pieces online. Check a pharmacy or local grocery store to get the temporary gray hair color!

Don’t venture out looking for paranormal activity by yourself. Get a couple of your friends to dress as other characters from Gravity Falls. Dress up as Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Grunkle Stan, Soos Ramirez, and Wendy Corduroy to turn this unescorted look into a legit group cosplay! Submit a picture of your finished cosplay to be featured in the costume gallery!

About Ford Pines

Stanford Filbrick “Ford” Pines, or Grunkle Ford, is the twin brother of Grunkle Stan and one of the main characters from the Disney cartoon show Gravity Falls. Ford moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon in hope of researching and investigating the supernatural world that seems to be very prevalent in the small town. What he didn’t expect to happen was disappearing into an alternate reality for years!

When Ford finally escaped and returned to the present day, he found out that he wasn’t quite up to speed on his surroundings. Though still believing floppy disks were the technology of choice, he is still a very brilliant man. He can become consumed by his research because he has such a strong passion for it. His intelligence outweighs his lack of knowledge in the modern world, but he isn’t one to share his research with his loved ones. He would rather retreat into his own world and not involve anyone.

Ford Pines

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