How to Dress Like Fonzie

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Short Sleeve White T-Shirt
Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket
Classic Comb
Teddy Boy Styling Pomade
Premium Slim-Fit Jean
M-Flashy Boot

Best Fonzie Costume Guide

Arthur Fonzarelli, or better known as Fonzie,” is the character from the wildly popular sitcom Happy Days played by Henry Winkler. TV Guide ranked “The Fonz” as number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. The iconic TV star always looked the same in his signature look. Get Fonzie’s look with a Hanes Short Sleeve White T-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket, Wrangler Premium Slim-Fit Jeans, and Steve Madden M-Flashy Boots. Match the suave hairstyle with Teddy Boy Styling Pomade and an ACE Classic Comb. Ayyy! With an outfit this close to Arthur Fonzarelli, you’ll always look correct-a-mundo!

Fonzie Cosplay Costumes

Get the cool and mysterious look of Fonzie from the hit show, Happy Days with this detailed guide on how to achieve it. Fonzie always has the typical bad boy look with his signature outfit of a leather jacket and slicked back hair. He was such a popular character in the show that he was ranked number four out of fifty on TV Guide’s Greatest Tv Characters of All Time. This costume is also a great costume to cosplay in a group if you have friends go as the other characters from Happy Days. Whatever you come with, we’d love to see photos of your costume so we can feature them on our website.

To get Fonzie’s look, you’ll need a short sleeve white t-shirt, a leather bomber jacket, a classic comb, and styling pomade to get Fonzie’s slicked-back look, slim-fit jeans and a pair of black combat boots.

Fonzie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of 1950s cool with our Fonzie costume guide FAQ, inspired by the legendary character from “Happy Days.” Ideal for fans looking to embody Fonzie’s iconic style and charisma, this guide will help you recreate his classic look, complete with leather jacket and slicked-back hair, reflecting his role as the epitome of cool in the era.

Fonzie's outfit is synonymous with 1950s cool. The most essential piece is his black leather jacket, a symbol of his rebellious and cool demeanor. Underneath, Fonzie often wears a plain white T-shirt or a light-colored button-up shirt. He pairs these with dark blue jeans, cuffed at the bottom, and black motorcycle boots. Fonzie's hair is an important part of his look, styled in a slicked-back 1950s pompadour. Completing the look are his thumbs-up gesture and a wide, confident smile.

Fonzie's hairstyle is a classic 1950s pompadour. If your hair isn't already similar, consider using a wig styled in a slicked-back look. Use hair gel or pomade to achieve the greaser-style sheen that Fonzie's hair typically has.

Fonzie wears black motorcycle boots, which complement his leather jacket. For accessories, keep it simple to maintain Fonzie's effortless style. A pair of sunglasses tucked into the shirt, if you're not wearing the leather jacket, can add to the cool factor. Optionally, you might include a comb, as Fonzie often combs his hair as part of his cool persona.

To fully capture Fonzie's character, focus on his confident and relaxed demeanor. He's known for his iconic thumbs-up gesture and his catchphrase "Ayyy!" Adding these elements to your costume can enhance the authenticity and bring Fonzie's character to life.

Including some of Fonzie's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging: "Ayyy!," "Sit on it!," "Whoa!," "Exactamundo!" and "Heyyyyy!." These quotes and catchphrases are emblematic of Fonzie's cool and confident personality, making him one of the most memorable characters from "Happy Days."

About Fonzie

When Happy Days first aired, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli or Fonzie as he’s better known as was first created as a secondary character. That didn’t last long though when his popularity began to surpass the other characters and they eventually gave him a leading role.

Fonzie happens to have a high moral code and he always makes sure to treat others with respect and dignity. If you can’t stick up for yourself, Fonzie will always be by your side to make sure you’re safe. Fonzie is also someone who’s quite successful with the ladies as you can imagine and while he may be labeled a womanizer by some, he always treats the women he’s with respect and care. Fonzie also acts as a big brother figure to Joanie when she needs it and because of his rough upbringing and things he has went through, he earns plenty of trust and respect from other characters.


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