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How to Dress like Floki

Viking Leather Armour
Long Sleeve Slim Fit Henley T-shirt
Medieval Ring Belt Brown
Adult Elven Brown Cloak
Classic Black Face Paint
Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristbands
Jogging Gym Harem Pants
Standard Viking Axe
Gotham Engineer Boots
  1. Viking Leather Armour Check Price
  2. Long Sleeve Slim Fit Henley T-shirt Check Price
  3. Medieval Ring Belt Brown Check Price
  4. Adult Elven Brown Cloak Check Price
  5. Classic Black Face Paint Check Price
  6. Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristbands Check Price
  7. Jogging Gym Harem Pants Check Price
  8. Standard Viking Axe Check Price
  9. Gotham Engineer Boots Check Price

Best Floki Costume Guide

Become Floki by dressing up as the boat builder and close, eccentric friend of Ragnar Lothbrok from the TV show Vikings on the History Channel. Played by actor Gustaf Skarsgård, Floki aids Ragnar by designing and building the next generation of Viking longboats. Get the costume of Ragnar’s right-hand man with a Long Sleeve Slim Fit Henley T-shirt, Viking Leather Armour, Jogging Gym Harem Pants, Adult Elven Brown Cloak, Medieval Ring Belt Brown, and Gotham Engineer Boots. Have the total cosplay costume with Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristbands, Standard Viking Axe, and Classic Black Face Paint to get his signature eyes.

Floki Cosplay Inspiration

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