How to Dress like Floki

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Viking Leather Armour
Long Sleeve Henley T-shirt
Medieval Ring Belt Brown
Adult Elven Brown Cloak
Classic Black Face Paint
Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristbands
Jogging Gym Harem Pants
Standard Viking Axe
Gotham Engineer Boots

Best Floki Costume Guide

Become Floki by dressing up as the boat builder and close, eccentric friend of Ragnar Lothbrok from the TV show Vikings on the History Channel. Played by actor Gustaf Skarsgård, Floki aids Ragnar by designing and building the next generation of Viking longboats. Get the costume of Ragnar’s right-hand man with a Long Sleeve Slim Fit Henley T-shirt, Viking Leather Armour, Jogging Gym Harem Pants, Adult Elven Brown Cloak, Medieval Ring Belt Brown, and Gotham Engineer Boots. Have the total cosplay costume with Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristbands, Standard Viking Axe, and Classic Black Face Paint to get his signature eyes.

Floki Cosplay Costumes

Floki’s appearance has a strong medieval style to it, so most of this you probably won’t find in your closet or in every day stores. The only items we suggest searching for in a nearby store are the dark green henley shirt, brown belt, and the black face paint. The viking armor, brown cloak, and harlem pants you will want to order online to ensure you get the right style! The leather wristbands, gotham boots, and viking axe will also be some items to grab from online.

If you’re really want to crank up the look of this hardcore character, grab some friends to turn it into a group cosplay night out! Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha are a couple other characters who appear on the show, and Ragnar is Floki’s best friend. Once you have your buddies dressed in their Viking characters, send us a picture of the entire look! Grab some other ideas of Floki’s look in our costume gallery.

Floki Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the Norse world with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Floki, the eccentric and skilled shipbuilder from the acclaimed TV series “Vikings.” Known for his deep spirituality and unique appearance, this guide will help you capture the essence of Floki’s character, blending historical Viking elements with his distinctive personal style.

Floki's outfit is characterized by its rustic and rugged look, reflecting his shipbuilder status and close connection to the Norse gods. Key components include a dark tunic, often layered with leather or fur, dark trousers, wrapped with leather straps or bands, and a selection of fur or leather vests and jackets. He also wears distinctive, heavy leather boots.

Floki's appearance is marked by his dark eye makeup, which is smudged around his eyes to create a wild and intense look. For his hair, aim for long, messy locks, often styled into braids or half-up, half-down styles. If you have short hair, consider using a wig that you can style accordingly.

Accessories play a big role in Floki's costume. Include various leather bracelets, necklaces with Norse symbols or runes, and a belt with a rustic buckle. Floki often carries tools relevant to his shipbuilding, such as a wooden mallet or measuring string. You might also consider adding a Viking-style axe as a prop.

For Floki's clothing, focus on natural materials like leather, fur, and rough woven fabrics. Earthy tones and dark colors are predominant. The patterns should be simple and handcrafted in appearance, with an emphasis on practicality and ruggedness suitable for a Viking lifestyle.

Including Floki's quotes will make your portrayal more engaging. Here are some memorable ones: "I love you Ragnar Lothbrok. And I love you too, Lagertha.," "Who needs a reason for betrayal? One must always think the worst Ragnar, even of your own kin. That way, you avoid too much disappointment in life.," "I have been a shipbuilder, a carpenter. I am a stonemason. I can make a good pair of oars.," "I am not satisfied with this world, I want to find another." and "I have gone to the ends of the earth." These quotes capture Floki's deep and complex nature, his spiritual connection, and his loyalty and love for Ragnar and his family.

About Floki

Floki is the viking who builds impeccable boats for his men! His best friend is Ragnar, even with their different personalities. Floki is the unconventional one, but he lacks the confidence that Ragnar is known so well for. Floki is always willing to learn from his surroundings, and this, along with his constant awareness is what has kept him alive this long.

Floki was married to Helga and they had one daughter and adopted another. Unfortunately, Floki has outlived them all and has learned how to go about his life without them. His temper tends to get the best of him in stressful situations, but is is most definitely a handy man to have nearby in the time of need. He is a brave and courageous viking in battle, and his knowledge of building boats outshines many (nearly all) of the men of his time.


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