How to Dress Like Flo

Female Pop Culture
White Polo
Navy Headband
I Love Insurance Button
Flo Name Tag
Progressive Apron
Flo Wig
Nerf (Name Your Own Price Tool)
Navy Chuck Taylor Converse
White Pants

Best Flo Costume Guide

Flo is the fictional salesperson from the popular Progressive commercials. She quickly became a hit with her retro style and quirky attitude! Flo, portrayed by comedian Stephanie Courtney, is known for her ultra white uniform that is free of wrinkles lasting for over 100 aired commercials! Flo first debuted on television screens in 2008 and has become even more popular on social media. Get the look of the Progressive mascot with this Flo costume guide.

Cosplay Flo’s signature look with a White Polo, White Pants, Navy Headband, Progressive Apron, Flo Wig, and a pair of Navy Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. Add the accessories that Flo is never seen without like her “I Love Insurance” Button, Flo Name Tag, and a NERF (Name Your Own Price Tool)!

Flo Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay doesn’t always have to be a superhero or video game character! Television personalities are a way bigger hit than you may think! Flo is one of the most popular choices at the moment, and her costume is not complicated at all to recreate. You can grab her polo, headband, pants, and shoes in nearly any store or even inside your own closet! For the items like Flo’s wig, apron, insurance button, and Name Your Own Price Tool, those will be easiest to find online to insure (get it?) that you find just the right item!

Flo always loves a little competition, so why not take this look up a notch by adding a few other insurance characters to the mix? Get a couple of friends to dress as like Allstate’s Mayhem and the Geico Cavemen to turn this look into an awesome group cosplay! If you follow this costume guide, we would love for you to send us a picture of your best Flo look.

Flo Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of clever advertising as Flo, the iconic and cheerful spokeswoman from Progressive Insurance commercials. Our Flo costume guide FAQ will help you capture her upbeat and friendly appearance, perfect for advertising-themed events, costume parties, or for fans of the memorable ad campaign.

Flo's costume is recognizable and straightforward, capturing her enthusiastic and helpful persona. Key elements include a white polo shirt, white pants, a white Progressive apron with the Progressive logo, and a blue headband. Her look is complemented by bright red lipstick, a perky hairstyle with bangs, and a friendly, energetic demeanor. The costume should convey a sense of cleanliness and professionalism, just like Flo's character in the commercials.

To recreate Flo's apron, start with a plain white apron, which can be found at most home goods stores. You can then either print the Progressive logo and iron it onto the apron or use fabric paint to draw it yourself. Ensure the logo is prominent and easily recognizable.

For the clothing, wear a white polo shirt and white pants to match Flo's outfit. The clothes should be neat and well-fitted, reflecting her professional appearance. Pair this with comfortable white sneakers or shoes.

Flo's makeup is characterized by bright red lipstick and a clean, fresh-faced look. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and natural. Her hair is styled in a medium-length bob with bangs, and she wears a blue headband. If you don't have similar hair, a wig styled to match Flo's hair can be used.

Including Flo's phrases and actions can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Here are some suggestions: "Hi, I'm Flo from Progressive!," "Save on insurance with Progressive!," Adopt an overly enthusiastic and helpful attitude, typical of Flo's character., Pretend to explain insurance options or discounts with a big, friendly smile and use a mock insurance clipboard or pamphlet as a prop for added effect. These phrases and actions capture Flo's cheerful, helpful demeanor and her role as a recognizable spokeswoman, making them ideal for a fun and accurate portrayal.

About Flo

Everyone knows who Flo is from her funny appearances in the Progressive insurance commercials. You can find her helping everyday issuance shoppers by giving them honest advice and providing choices that fits their family best. Flo genuinely loves what she does and the company she works for! Everything about Progressive may be a sales pitch on some level, but Flo whole-heartedly believes that Progressive has the best options for everyone in need of insurance.

Flo is portrayed by the talented actress and comedian, Stephanie Courtney. Flo is quirky, cute, and downright silly at times, but she has earned the name of “America’s Insurance Sweetheart.” On the 100th episode featuring Flo, we finally got to meet some of her family members, who were all played by Stephanie Courtney, as a treat to our Flo-loving hearts! While there are other insurance advertisement personalities, Flo has swept the nation with her eccentric personality!


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