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Best Fionna Costume Guide

Dress up like Fionna, the alternate female version of Finn, in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Much like Finn, Fionna is a fearless, adventure-loving hero who faces off against her enemy, the Ice Queen. Get a costume like Fionna’s with a Long-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt, Core Ponte Skirt with Attached Short, Retro Thigh High Tube Socks, Big Wavy Hair Wig, and Louisa Mary Jane Flats. Complete her adventurous look with a Fionna Cosplay Beanie Hat, Adventure Time Cake Plush, and Hoodless TV Cartoon School Backpack.


Fionna Cosplay Costumes

Fionna is typically fearless, and she loves adventures. Fionna is usually rescuing people from danger or saving Princes from the Ice Queen. Fionna typically tries to act like “one of the guys” which helps her fit in with other male characters in her universe. It’s possible that Fionna has a crush on Prince Gumball, though she’s too stubborn to admit it. The Ice King has said in numerous episodes that he wishes he could make Fionna real so he could marry her himself.

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Fionna Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey through the Land of Ooo with our Fionna costume guide FAQ, inspired by the gender-swapped version of Finn from the popular animated series “Adventure Time.” Perfect for fans looking to embody Fionna’s courageous and independent spirit, this guide will help you recreate her signature look, complete with her iconic hat and backpack.

Fionna's outfit is simple yet iconic. The main components include a blue T-shirt and a dark blue skater skirt. She wears knee-high socks, usually in a dark color like navy or black, and black Mary Jane shoes. A key feature of her costume is her white bunny-eared hat, which covers her entire head and has two long ears. Fionna also carries a green backpack, similar to Finn's, and she often wields a sword.

Fionna's bunny-eared hat is a defining aspect of her character. You can find replica hats online or create one yourself using white fabric or fleece. The hat should fit snugly over your head with two prominent, long bunny ears standing upright.

Fionna wears simple black Mary Jane shoes, which you can pair with dark knee-high socks. For accessories, a green backpack is essential to mimic her adventurer's gear. If you're including a sword as a prop, choose a safe, toy version or make one from foam or cardboard.

To fully embody Fionna's character, focus on her energetic and bold personality. Fionna is adventurous and often jumps into action, so portraying a sense of confidence and readiness for adventure will enhance the costume. Also, if you can, replicate her blonde hair, either with your own hair or a blonde wig styled in long, flowing locks.

Including some of Fionna's quotes can make your costume portrayal more authentic. Memorable lines include: "I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know who I am, and I'll know what I want if and when it ever comes along.," "Adventure Time!," "Sword-fighting is like making a promise. It's about letting your opponent know you're about to hurt them.," "This day has been lousy, but I'm not going to let that ruin how awesome the night can be!" and "Come on, let's go explore!." These quotes capture Fionna's self-assuredness, her love for adventure, and her optimistic outlook.

About Fionna

The animated show “Adventure Time” originally aired as a short produced for Nicktoons, but when the video went viral, the short became a full-length show on Cartoon Network. The character Fionna was originally introduced in an episode titled “Fionna and Cake.” She was made up by the Ice King to be a gender-swapped version of the “Adventure Time” protagonist Finn. Fionna’s unique role on “Adventure Time” makes her a great choice for cosplayers. Start with a blue skirt and a long-sleeved shirt and add long tube socks. Don’t forget Fionna’s green backpack and white bunny hat! Don’t forget to include your friends who could dress up as traditional characters like Finn and Jake, or the gender-swapped characters like Cake or Prince Gumball.


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