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Black Top
Black Pencil Skirt
Leather Gloves
Butterfly Sunglasses
Dress Pumps

Best Fiona Goode Costume Guide

Fiona Goode is a character from the popular FX horror television series, American Horror Story. More specifically, she appears in the third season mini-series called American Horror Story: Coven. She is known to be a former Supreme Witch of the coven which means she is recognized to be the living embodiment of magic itself, mastering seven magical abilities distinct to Supreme Witches. As Supreme Witch, Fiona lived a life of luxury all over the world. But the story shows her returning to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies to take control of her coven again and reconnect with her estranged daughter. Get the look of the powerful witch with this Fiona Goode costume guide.

Look like the powerful witch by cosplaying Fiona Goode’s look from American Horror Story by wearing Butterfly Sunglasses, a Black Top, a Black Pencil Skirt, Dress Pumps, and Leather Gloves. Bring an Umbrella along to complete her look.

Fiona Goode Cosplay Costumes

Some would describe Fiona Goode as vain and narcissistic. This is because she often obsesses over her aging body and tries all that she can to achieve eternal youth. She is indeed a very beautiful woman. But more than that, she is also known for her wit and cunningness, the grace by which she handles each and every situation, and the way by which she uses her charm to get what she wants. You can clearly see how Fiona is a witch who isn’t afraid of anything. Or anyone.

Look strikingly good as Fiona Goode in an all-black ensemble, dress pumps, leather gloves, and butterfly sunglasses. She might be wearing black from head-to-toe but she strongly despises any common stereotype associated with witches. Bring the rest of the Coven with you and let your friends dress up as Cordelia Goode, Zoe Benson, or Myrtle Snow.

Fiona Goode Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the dark elegance of “American Horror Story: Coven” with our costume guide FAQ for Fiona Goode, the powerful and stylish Supreme witch. Ideal for fans of the series, Halloween parties, or cosplay events, this guide will help you capture Fiona Goode’s sophisticated and commanding presence, reflecting her status as a figure of power and influence in the show.

Fiona Goode's style is characterized by its chic, modern elegance mixed with a touch of classic witch aesthetic. Her signature look includes tailored black dresses or skirt suits, often with a distinctive and fashionable cut. She complements these outfits with high-heeled shoes, a stylish belt, and sometimes a wide-brimmed hat, adding to her witchy persona.

Fiona Goode, portrayed by Jessica Lange, sports a sophisticated hairstyle—blonde, shoulder-length, and styled in soft waves. To replicate this look, style your hair (or a wig) to have a sleek, polished appearance with gentle waves. The hair color should be a honey or light blonde.

Key accessories for Fiona Goode's costume include elegant jewelry like a statement necklace or bracelets, and a pair of oversized sunglasses, which she often wears. Additionally, a small, stylish handbag or clutch can complement her outfit. For a more dramatic witchy effect, include a black, wide-brimmed hat.

Fiona Goode's clothing typically features solid colors, primarily black, with a focus on clean lines and elegant tailoring. Look for dresses or suits with unique design elements like asymmetrical necklines, peplum details, or distinctive sleeve designs. The clothing should exude sophistication and power.

Fiona Goode is known for her sharp wit and commanding presence. Some of her memorable quotes include, "In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of is me," and "Don’t make me drop a house on you." These lines reflect her strong personality, confidence, and her role as the Supreme witch.

About Fiona Goode

A powerful witch played by a powerful actress (Jessica Lange), Fiona Goode is not a witch you want to be messing with. Her motivation to live forever drives her strongly and allows her to fear nothing and no one. This same motivation and drive have placed a wedge between her and her estranged daughter, Cordelia. Though her power and vanity have led her to be quite selfish and self-absorbed, she has also been known to show moments of kindness and care – especially towards the Coven that she tries very hard to manage and lead. She may feel no remorse in killing who she thinks deserves killing but she has gone out of her way, on numerous occasions, to train the coven members how to protect themselves. There have even been times when she’s fought enemies for the sake of saving members of the coven, something you wouldn’t expect someone as self-absorbed as Fiona.

Fiona Goode

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