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A creative and curious boy, Finn is the son of “The Man Upstairs” who is a perfectionist businessman that does not allow his son to play with his Lego collection. He has set the rules and instructions for his Lego in which Finn, played by Jadon Sand, does not obey. Allowing his mind to wander and his imagination run free, Finn creates the imaginary world of Lego. He brings to life adventures and the realization of what it means to not just follow the rules and to have the courage to forge one’s path. Finn has shown that imagination does not have limits and can achieve even greater heights.

Bring animations to life with this Finn costume guide. Get the fun and vibrant look of the young human boy from the Lego Movie. Dress up like Finn with an orange t-shirt, blue polo shirt, plaid shorts, and a curly hair wig. You can become your own creator with this look.

Finn (Lego Movie) Cosplay Costumes

Though he may be young, Finn is a strong-willed boy. Despite his father telling him to stop playing Lego, Finn still follows his imagination. He believes that Emmet is not just any ordinary construction worker like his father, The Man Upstairs, has told him. In The Lego Movie, Finn is seen dressed like any normal boy who likes to play with toys. Get the simple look of Finn, the vibrant and energetic boy with a fantastic imagination. Have fun with the animated world of Lego by cosplaying the human that controls the events of the Lego Movie.

Since Finn’s costume is so essential, it would be much better to cosplay with one of the key characters from the Lego Movie. You can bring to life the fantastic adventures of the Lego world with your friends dressed up as Emmet Brickowski, Lucy, or even your father, The Man Upstairs.

Finn (Lego Movie) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the imaginative and adventurous spirit of Finn from “The Lego Movie” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to help you channel the creative and enthusiastic character of Finn, the young builder who brought the story of Emmet and the world of LEGO to life. Ideal for fans, cosplayers, and those attending themed events or parties, our FAQ will assist you in capturing Finn’s unique essence and style.

Finn's outfit is simple yet iconic, reflecting his youthful and creative personality. Key elements include a plain blue t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and classic sneakers. To capture Finn's essence, aim for a casual, comfortable look that a young, imaginative child would wear while playing with LEGO.

Finn has short, neatly-combed brown hair. To mimic his hairstyle, keep your hair short and tidy. Use a bit of hair gel or mousse to maintain a neat, side-parted look. If your hair is not naturally brown, consider a temporary hair dye or a wig to match Finn's hair color.

To enhance your Finn costume, consider carrying a LEGO set or individual LEGO bricks. These props symbolize Finn's love for building and creativity. You might also carry a small LEGO character, such as Emmet or another figure from "The Lego Movie," to reinforce the connection to the film.

Finn wears simple, comfortable sneakers that are typical for a young boy. Opt for a pair of classic, lace-up sneakers in a neutral color like white, black, or grey. Ensure the sneakers are clean and well-kept, as they represent Finn's well-maintained but playful appearance.

While Finn is more of a background character, his actions and the world he creates are central to "The Lego Movie." To enhance your cosplay, you can quote lines from the movie that reflect the imagination and creativity of LEGO building. Some ideas include: Recreating scenes of Finn playing and building with LEGO, Using quotes like "The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be, "and Acting out moments where Finn is deeply immersed in his LEGO world, showing his focus and creative spirit. These actions and quotes will help bring out the essence of Finn's character, highlighting his role as the imaginative force behind the LEGO universe.

About Finn (Lego Movie)

Finn is one of the lead characters in the popular Lego Movie and sequel, Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. He is the son of the “The Man Upstairs.” Through his inventive and creative imagination (and a pinch of stubbornness) he still carried on playing with the Lego that his dad told him not to. Brave and strong-willed, Finn shows how to get through life—create fun adventures and make great discoveries.

By stepping out of his comfort zone and breaking his dad’s rules, he was able to create a new world. In his mind, he has made heroic characters. Finn is portrayed by Jadon Sandis, a human trait, in the animated film. The Lego Movie has garnered great reviews with its twist of comedy and novel plot which is now considered to be one of the best modern-day movies.

Finn (Lego Movie)

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