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Finn the Human Costume Guide
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Best Finn the Human Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume like Finn the Human, who’s real name is Finn Mertens, is a character on the animated TV series Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Along with Jake the Dog, Finn sets off on random magical quests around the Land of Ooo. Finn’s female counterpart, Fionna the Human, is a human living in a parallel universe, the Land of Aaa.

Dress like Finn with a Hanes Men’s Tagless T-Shirt, Champion Mesh Short With Pockets, Vans Black on Black Classic Slip-on, and Adventure Time Finn Costume Backpack. Get the complete look with Adventure Time Finn Character Hat, Adventure Time 24″ Finn Sword, and Adventure Time 12″ Plush Jake the Dog.

Finn the Human Cosplay Costumes

What time is it? Cosplay time! Dress up like Finn the Human and you’ll be ready to fight all the ghosts and monsters in Ooo. Show off Finn’s epic sword and carry around his bag so you can collect all of the treasure you find on your adventures. You can even dress up as Fionna the Human, Finn’s alternate universe counterpart. Their outfits are almost identical, except instead of paling around with Jake the dog, you can carry a cute stuffed Cake the cat with you.

If you want to look totally mathematical, get some of your friends to dress up as Adventure Time characters with you. Showing up at a convention or party with Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess will be a huge hit. Bonus points if you get someone to be Ice King. Need some inspiration for your Finn costume? Here are some cosplayers who look like they came straight from the Candy Kingdom.

About Finn the Human

Finn the Human is one of the only humans in the Land of Ooo. After being abandoned in the woods by his parents when he was a baby, Jake’s parents took him in and raised him as their own. Finn and Jake went on to become best friends, and they often embark on daring adventures together when they’re not lounging around their tree house.

Finn is a talented fighter, and he often defends the Candy Kingdom from evil adversaries. With the help of Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and his other friends in Ooo, Finn is able to keep his world safe – and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Finn the Human

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