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Best Fiji Water Girl Costume Guide

The 2019 Golden Globes Awards made a model and a water bottle go viral. The award ceremony is typically a lavish and high-profile event feature A-list celebrities. FIJI Water is a company that has been attending these high-class events for some time. Usually, their marketing dollars are spent getting stars to drink their water, and then be photographed with their water bottles in hand. Get the look of the photobombing model with this Fiji Water Girl costume guide.

Model and FIJI Water ambassador Kelleth Cuthbert earned herself a name after she was spotted in the background of several celebrity photos holding a tray of FIJI Water. Some people think it was a coincidence, while others believe it was a calculated effort by FIJI Water’s marketing strategy. Either way, she became a viral sensation overnight. You too can start lurking in the background like the FIJI Water Girl. For this look, you will need a Women’s Tier Dress, Heeled Sandal, Pink Lipstick, Serve Tray, and FIJI Water.

Fiji Water Girl Cosplay Costumes

Kelleth Cuthbert, the Canadian model, is known in the modeling world for almost always rocking an all-black outfit. Though, being the great model that she is, she’s also able to pull off any other look she chooses. The outfit she wore on the Golden Globes Awards red carpet is a lot brighter than anything you’d see her wearing on her Instagram feed. It’s a deep electric blue dress with three tiers that make it look like a subtle waterfall. The blue is similar to the one on the Fuji water bottle, and her lipstick matches the pink flower in the middle of the company’s logo. 

It’s a smart choice for the brand to “accidentally” make themselves stand out in many of the celebrity photos. Although the Fuji Water Girl is may just be holding bottles of water in the background, Kelleth Cuthbert is easily spotted in her attractive outfit. So if you’re worried you’re going to be ignored all night while dressed in your FIJI Water Girl costume, don’t be! 

Fiji Water Girl Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the spotlight with our costume guide FAQ for the Fiji Water Girl, an unexpected viral sensation from the red carpet. Known for her photobombing appearances at high-profile events while gracefully balancing a tray of Fiji Water bottles, this look is both fun and surprisingly iconic. Perfect for a lighthearted take on celebrity culture, this guide will help you recreate the Fiji Water Girl’s moment in the limelight.

The Fiji Water Girl is known for her sleek blue gown, which should be a deep, vibrant shade similar to the Fiji Water label. The dress is typically floor-length with a simple yet elegant cut. Pair this with comfortable heels, as the original Fiji Water Girl was standing for long periods.

The Fiji Water Girl had a polished look with her hair styled in loose, flowing waves, giving a glamorous yet approachable feel. Her makeup was natural and subtle, with a focus on flawless skin, defined eyes, and a nude lip. The overall look should be red-carpet ready but not overly dramatic.

The essential prop for this costume is a tray holding several Fiji Water bottles. Use a simple, elegant tray and real Fiji Water bottles for authenticity. The bottles should be unopened and arranged neatly to mimic the presentation seen at events.

The Fiji Water Girl became famous for her skill in subtly photobombing celebrity photos. Practice standing with a poised, professional demeanor and a pleasant smile, holding the tray of water effortlessly. You can also mimic stepping into the background of photos, always making sure the Fiji Water label is visible.

To make the costume more recognizable, consider wearing a name tag or badge that says "Fiji Water." Embrace the role of being in the background, photobombing pictures in a subtle, humorous way. The key is to balance being noticeable yet unobtrusive, just like the original Fiji Water Girl.

About Fiji Water Girl

Kelleth Cuthbert is an actress and model from Canada that went viral after working at the Golden Globes Awards. She was in charge of holding a tray filled with FIJI Water bottles on the red carpet as celebrities had their photo taken. The brand’s plan, which they had been using for many years, was to have stars take water to stay hydrated throughout the evening. Providing free water would, of course, mean A-list celebrities would have the iconic water bottle in photographs. This time, however, it went a little differently.

Not many celebrities were taking free bottles due to the cold weather. So instead of having celebrities holding a bottle of fresh FIJI Water, Kelleth was spotted photobombing in several photos. Some say this was an accident, while others think it was a clever marketing tactic. The photographer for FIJI Water was told to get shots with the bottle and celebrities in the same frame, so maybe they had to get a little creative?

Fiji Water Girl

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