How to Dress Like Female Pokemon Go Trainer (Mystic)

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Mystic Trainer (F) Costume Guide
Pokemon GO Hat
Lightweight Basic Crewneck
Pokemon Go Trainer White Hoodie
Pokemon GO Belt and Buckle
Athletic Sport Cotton Shorts
Ankle-Length Yoga Pants with Stripe
Pokemon Go Backpack
Racing Biker Gloves
Pokeball Toy
Shelborne Slip-On Flat

Best Mystic Trainer (F) Halloween Costume Guide

Join Team Mystic with a cosplay look from the Pokemon Go game as you suit up in a costume like the female trainer. Join the most popular team and follow Blanche’s lead as you look just like a Pokemon trainer. Dress up with a Pokemon Go Trainer White Hoodie, Pokemon GO Hat, Lightweight Basic Crewneck, Athletic Sport Cotton Shorts, Ankle-Length Yoga Pants with Stripe, and a pair of Shelborne Slip-On Flats. Get total look before battling your Pokemon with a pair of Racing Biker Gloves, Pokemon Go Backpack, Pokemon GO Belt and Buckle, and a Pokeball Toy.

Mystic Trainer (F) Cosplay Costumes

You probably remember the summer when Pokemon Go came out and it quickly caught fire among the population. You couldn’t go outside without seeing people playing it wherever you went and it was quite a sight to see. The main thing of Pokemon Go was that it was split into three different teams where you could customize your character and today we’re focusing on the female Mystic trainer and how to get her to look. If you grab a few friends who are willing to dress as the other team members, you’ll be able to have an awesome group costume this year. We’d love to see photos of what you come up with and how creative you can be!

What you’ll need for this look is a Pokemon Go Hat, a purple crewneck shirt, a Pokemon Go trainer white hoodie, a Pokemon Go belt and buckle, purple cotton shorts, ankle-length yoga pants with stripe, a Pokemon Go backpack, racing biker gloves, a Pokeball toy and black slip-on shoes.

About Mystic Trainer (F)

Team Mystic is led by Blanche and its sigil is the legendary bird, Articuno and their signature color is blue which you can see by the uniforms of the characters. The values of Team Mystic are that they rely on trust in their wisdom and believe that Pokemon have great wisdom and they are interested and focused on figuring out how Pokemon evolve.

Blanche always says that their team will emerge victorious thanks to the wisdom that they use to analyze every situation instead of just rushing into it. Mystic also happens to be the most popular of the three teams as about 37% of 100,000 players are on Team Mystic. The members of Team Mystic also don’t have a lot of love for Team Valor. Team Valor is the second most popular team and ever since the game came out, the two to have always been at odds with each other while Team Instinct is out doing their own thing.

Mystic Trainer (F)

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