How to Dress Like Fear

Stripe Broadcloth Shirt
Houndstooth V-Neck Sweater Vest
Baron Solid To-Be-Tied Bowtie
Stripe Dress Pant
Chenille Stems
Sports Fan Face Paint
Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves
Dillon Slip-On
  1. Stripe Broadcloth Shirt Check Price
  2. Houndstooth V-Neck Sweater Vest Check Price
  3. Baron Solid To-Be-Tied Bowtie Check Price
  4. Stripe Dress Pants Check Price
  5. Chenille Stems Check Price
  6. Sports Fan Face Paint Check Price
  7. Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves Check Price
  8. Dillon Slip-On Check Price

Best Fear Costume Guide

One of the five emotions staring Pixar’s Inside Out, Fear is constantly on the lookout for potential disasters to keep Riley Andersen safe. He’s joined by fellow emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust. Voiced by Bill Hader, Fear finds very few activities to not be dangerous or life-threatening. Dress up just like Riley’s fearful emotion with a Stripe Broadcloth Shirt, Houndstooth V-Neck Sweater Vest, Stripe Dress Pants, Dillon Slip-On Shoes, and a Baron Solid To-Be-Tied Bowtie. Make the transformation complete with Sports Fan Face Paint, Chenille Stems, and Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves.

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