How to Dress Like Fear

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Fear Costume Guide
Stripe Broadcloth Shirt
Houndstooth V-Neck Sweater Vest
Baron Solid To-Be-Tied Bowtie
Stripe Dress Pant
Chenille Stems
Sports Fan Face Paint
Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves
Dillon Slip-On

Best Fear Halloween Costume Guide

One of the five emotions staring Pixar’s Inside Out, Fear is constantly on the lookout for potential disasters to keep Riley Andersen safe. He’s joined by fellow emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust. Voiced by Bill Hader, Fear finds very few activities to not be dangerous or life-threatening. Dress up just like Riley’s fearful emotion with a Stripe Broadcloth Shirt, Houndstooth V-Neck Sweater Vest, Stripe Dress Pants, Dillon Slip-On Shoes, and a Baron Solid To-Be-Tied Bowtie. Make the transformation complete with Sports Fan Face Paint, Chenille Stems, and Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves.

Fear Cosplay Costumes

Fear happens to be one of the five emotions from the popular Pixar movie, Inside Out, but Fear plays a pretty big role in the movie. He finds the majority of activities to be dangerous and life-threatening and his fear influences the main character in her decisions.

Fear would be a great costume to cosplay as if you and your friends want a group costume. They could dress up as Disgust, Anger, Sadness, and Joy alongside you and if you do happen to do a group costume like that, we’d love to see it so we can display your costume on our website!

The things you’ll need to create a Fear costume are a striped broadcloth shirt, a houndstooth v-neck sweater vest, a solid purple bowtie, stripe dress pants, purple chenille stems to create your antennae, purple face paint, purple gloves and black slip-on shoes.

About Fear

When Sadness was created in Riley’s mind, Fear followed her soon afterward. Riley as a child came across a plug as a child and so to help her avoid tripping over it, Fear was created in order to warn her. Fear’s job is to basically keep Riley safe. He watches out and observes everything as he assumes almost everything is a threat to her so he stays on guard.

Fear is an anxious emotion and worries over almost everything hence his name. He has quite the biggest job as he has to watch over Riley’s every move to make sure her well-being is okay and that in turns stresses him out even more. When other emotions try to take a dominate role, Fear is usually the voice of reason to try and keep them from creating any risky behaviors that may harm Riley in the long run.


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