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Faye Valentine is one of the main characters in the anime series, Cowboy Bebop. She is a wanted bounty hunter and encountered the show’s main protagonist, Spike Spiegel, during an operation for Gordon. Spiegel and his partner, Jet Black, captured Faye because she mistook Spike for the agent she was supposed to deal with. The two initially planned to cash in on the bounty placed on Faye’s head, but Gordon double-crossed them. When double-crossed, Faye escaped and stole the money she was supposed to trade under his instructions. After several run-ins with both Spike and Jet, Faye became part of Bebop’s bounty-hunting team.

Get the look of the bounty hunting crewmember with this Faye Valentine cosplay. If sexy yellow outfits are your thing, you will love cosplaying Faye Valentine’s character! To get Faye’s look dress up in a Bright Yellow Two-Piece Suit with a Red Button-Down Shirt, Cateye Sunglasses, Headband, Fake Pistol, and Combat Boots. Faye’s bright Purple Wig is a funky contrast to the striking yellow costume!

Faye Valentine Cosplay Costumes

Faye is a beautiful woman with green eyes and chin-length purple hair. Her yellow shorts reveal her long legs, and her cropped top shows off her trim midsection. Many suggest that her revealing attire is just one of her ways to seduce men. She spent 54-years in cryogenic sleep, so her perceived age is only 23-years-old and her real age is around 77-years. The cryogenic sleep is the primary reason she appears to be so much younger. She’s shameless about using her looks to garner more attention from people. This distraction allows her to take advantage.

A femme fatale in space is what you will become by dressing up as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop. Make sure you are ready to show lots of skin and a lot of leg!

About Faye Valentine

Faye’s risqué appearance and show scenes led to the show’s cancellation after just the first few episodes. Broadcasters deemed it inappropriate for audiences. The series was eventually re-released after the network received significant pushback from fans. Faye has always been known as a cynical bounty hunter hardened by time, but she was a very friendly and cheerful girl in her youth. But, her trip into space with her wealthy parents changed everything. The ship got into an accident, which resulted in her parent’s death and severe injuries for Faye. She was eventually cryogenically frozen while waiting for a cure for her injuries. When she woke up, 54 years had passed.

Upon waking up, Faye had a tumultuous relationship with Spike. Faye has a natural resistance toward people getting too close to her. Spike’s suspicion of her motives often cause clashes between the two in Cowboy Bebop. Eventually, Faye becomes attracted to Spike simply because he doesn’t look at her the way other men look at her.

Faye Valentine

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