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Fawful is a secondary antagonist in the Mario & Luigi series role-playing video game. He is the sidekick of Cackletta, an evil witch from the Beanbean Kingdom. Also known as Lord Fawful or Dark Fawful, Fawful’s distinct qualities include his grammatically incorrect English catchphrases. He is considered a genius, at least mechanically. His common sense is not so good because of his tendency for extreme rage. This fits of rage make him delusional to act in a manner that is in accordance with it. Fawful has been a follower of Cackletta for a very long time earning him the status as her greatest student, largely because of his evil genius.

Get the look of villain to Mario and Luigi with this Fawful costume guide. Get the best Fawful outfit by dressing up in a Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Cloak, Black Pants, Black Gloves, Black Sneakers, Face Mask, Gold Cloak Chain, and Hypno Mesmerizing Glasses.

Fawful Cosplay Costumes

Just like other members of the Beanish species, Fawful has green skin and a strand of hair standing on top of his head. He always sports a big grin whenever he appears in the game. He is pretty short, roughly as tall as Mario and Luigi. Fawful has a few different looks. In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Fawful wears a red cloak that hides most of his body, leaving only his head and legs uncovered. In another game, Fawful wears a hooded cloak with a large antenna and a complementary white suit. He is also seen wearing a black suit, black gloves, and gray sandals underneath his large coat in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

This Fawful costume has everything you need to become a colorful toady. You can nail his wide-toothed grin by wearing a mouthpiece in the shape of large teeth. The last essential piece you will need is a pair of Hypno Mesmerizing Glasses.

Fawful Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and villainous world of Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the eccentric beanish genius as we explore the essentials for recreating his unique look and mannerisms.

Fawful is known for his unique appearance, featuring a pair of large, swirly glasses, a cape, and a toothy grin. His outfit typically consists of a green robe with a high collar, a pair of purple pants, and a black belt. Don't forget his iconic headgear with antenna-like protrusions!

To create Fawful's iconic glasses, you can modify a pair of round, oversized sunglasses. Paint them to match his swirly, hypnotic eye design. If you're crafty, you can also create the glasses from scratch using transparent plastic and paint for a more customized look.

Fawful's headgear, resembling antennae, can be recreated using lightweight materials like foam or cardboard. Shape them to mimic the game's design and attach them securely to a headband or cap. Painting them in the appropriate colors will bring them closer to Fawful's look.

Fawful is known for his wide, toothy grin and expressive eyes. Use face paint to create his exaggerated smile and consider using makeup to enhance your own eyes to match his animated expression. Practicing his manic facial expressions in the mirror can add an authentic touch to your costume.

Embracing Fawful's quirky speech patterns and catchphrases can really elevate your cosplay. Some of his memorable quotes include: "I have chortles!," "Fawful is on the cozy couch, sipping tea that laughs at you!," "And now, I have fury!," "Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!" and "I am the mustard of your doom!" These quotes capture Fawful's eccentric and over-the-top personality, making your portrayal more engaging and authentic.

About Fawful

Fawful was originally created by Masanori Sato and is categorized as a Beanish character. Gerakobits is Fawful’s Japanese name and is derived from the word “geragera,” the Japanese onomatopoeia for scornful laughter. His name in English a combination of the words “awful” and “guffaw.” His first appearance in the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga shows him as Cackletta’s sidekick, in which he helped the witch steal Princess Peach’s voice. Her voice was needed to awaken the Beanstar. It was Fawful who revived Cackletta by transferring her soul to Bowser’s body.

He is content being Cackletta’s sidekick, but he can turn into a total narcissist creature whenever he becomes a villain in his own right. He even goes as far as making his army look just like him, complete with green skin and all. Fawful has a weird way of speaking. His sentences are made up of redundant statements sounding like complete gibberish. He usually speaks about himself in the third person and only switches to the first person when saying phrases like “I have fury!”


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