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Best Fat Cat Costume Guide

Fat Cat is an overweight, lawbreaking purple tabby cat who is known to be one of the main antagonists of the Rescue Rangers in the animated TV show, Disney’s Chip ’N Dale: Rescue Rangers. The pet of a notorious crime boss named Aldrin Klordane, Fat Cat continues in the same line of business as a criminal overlord but in the animal world. His main target for cruel schemes are dogs, which he hates with a passion. The only thing he hates more than dogs are the Rescue Rangers. Instead of trying to kill the Rescue Rangers, Fat Cat elaborately chases them. Get the look of the feline villain in this Fat Cat costume guide.

Cosplay Fat Cat’s regal look before heading out to chase down the Rescue Rangers. Be a crime boss dressed up in a Purple Bodysuit, an Ears Headband, a Moustache, a Dress Shirt, a Blue Vest, a Men’s Blazer, and a Red Tie. You now look like a sharp delinquent!

Fat Cat Cosplay Costumes

As a true crime overlord, Fat Cat is very much concerned about appearances. He happens to take his appearance very seriously. That’s why he keeps himself well-groomed, always fixing his whiskers or combing his fur, more than most cats. Fat Cat also sees to it that he dresses sharply always in a suit and tie. You can look like Fat Cat by assuming his iconic purple color by wearing a purple bodysuit. Make sure to look like an actual cat with ears hairband. You can now begin to dress like the lawless feline with a dress shirt, blue vest, red tie, and a men’s blazer. Finally, finish off the villainous look with a fake mustache.

What’s the fun in scheming if your true enemies aren’t there to chase around? Get some pals to dress up as the main characters Chip and Dale like Gadget Hackwrench and Monterey Jack, or even fellow criminals Professor Norton Nimnul, Rat Capone, and The Siamese Twin Gang.

About Fat Cat

Fat Cat is voiced by Jim Cummings who also happens to voice many of the other characters appearing on the Disney show Chip ’N Dale: Rescue Rangers. Fat Cat, while a criminal mastermind, can also be contradicting in his actions. He will always complain about the Rescue Rangers but will make it easy for them to escape because his plans of capturing them or killing them are far too slow and elaborate.

Although he knows that his four henchmen aren’t the best or the smartest, he almost always sends them to do his dirty work for him. He can’t be bothered to do so because he feels he is too smart or just gets lazy. The four henchmen that always go with him are Wart the gangster lizard, Mole the overweight mole, Mepps the yellow alley cat, and Snout the rat.

Fat Cat

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