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Best Eyeless Jack Costume Guide

Eyeless Jack is a character from the internet based Creepypasta named after him. This scary killer with black holes where his eyes should be seems to have a taste for people’s internal organs, removing them in the dead of night and returning later to finish the job. He first appeared in 2012 as an early Creepypasta and has become very popular in the years since.

Dressed all in black, the motives of this deranged killer are unknown, but he seems to be utterly remorseless, vicious, and has the ability to see despite having no eyes – perhaps this is why he is such an effective killer in the dark. If you want to transform yourself into this scary organ harvesting maniac, you’ll need an Eyeless Jack Mask, Black Hoodie, Black Pants, Black Chuck Taylor Sneakers, Black Wig, Black Nails, and Gray Body Paint.

Eyeless Jack Cosplay Costumes

Eyeless Jack is one creepy dude. We don’t know much about the origins of this madman. Jack keeps his identity hidden, which is probably understandable considering he has no eyes and has a taste for human organs. But one thing is for sure, he is known as one of the most popular Creepypasta characters of all time. He shows up now in videos, follow-up stories, origin stories and animations all over the internet.

With such popularity, everybody will know who you are if you attend your next event dressed as Eyeless Jack. If you have friends who also love scary stories, get them to join you in the fun and have them dress as other Creepypasta favorites like, Slender Man, Laughing Jack, and Ticcy-Toby. Freaky costumes like Eyeless Jack are a massive hit around Halloween, so if you plan on scaring the neighbors dressed as this faceless killer, be sure to enter the pictures into our Halloween Costume Contest.

Eyeless Jack Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the eerie world of internet folklore with our costume guide for Eyeless Jack, a character that has haunted the pages of creepypasta stories with his mysterious and chilling presence. Known for his faceless appearance and dark attire, Eyeless Jack embodies the essence of internet horror culture. This FAQ section will guide you through creating an authentic Eyeless Jack costume, perfect for Halloween, horror-themed events, or any occasion that calls for a touch of the macabre.

Eyeless Jack's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and darkness. Essential elements include a black hoodie, dark blue medical scrubs or dark pants, and black gloves. The most iconic part of his costume is the black mask with dark, empty eye sockets that give him his name. This mask creates the illusion of a faceless entity, adding to his eerie persona.

To create Eyeless Jack's mask, start with a black ski mask or a balaclava as a base. Use black fabric or felt to create the eyeless sockets, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the mask. The mask should cover your entire head and part of your neck, obscuring your features completely. For the eyes, you can either leave them empty or cover them with dark mesh that you can see through but hides your eyes from others.

An authentic Eyeless Jack costume should focus on the darkness and anonymity of the character. Ensure your hoodie and pants are of a matching dark color, and consider adding a subtle layer of dirt or distress to the clothing to give the impression of Eyeless Jack's wanderings in the night. The gloves should be tight-fitting and blend with the sleeves of the hoodie to maintain the illusion of a shadowy figure.

While Eyeless Jack's appearance is relatively minimalist, carrying a prop kidney or similar organ can be a chilling addition, referencing his backstory as a remover of organs. Ensure any props are clearly fake and handled with sensitivity to the event and audience.

Eyeless Jack is known for his silent, stalking movements and sudden appearances. Embodying him involves moving with stealth and unpredictability, occasionally pausing to tilt your head or face someone directly, mimicking the pose of a curious, yet faceless, observer. These actions can help convey the unsettling nature of Eyeless Jack without the need for spoken words.

About Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack was first published as a Creepypasta story character in 2012. The writer asked for it to be removed at one stage as he was concerned about the influence of the story, however, it was quickly reinstated. It has grown in popularity since, through the relatively new media of Creepypasta stories. In the original story, a man named Mitch is living with his brother when he wakes up with an unexplained cut on his cheek. While at the hospital, he is informed that someone has removed his kidney and sewn him up during the night without his knowledge.

When Mitch wakes to find Eyeless Jack standing over him with black liquid dripping from his eye holes, he manages to run into the woods and escape the killer. Upon returning home though, he finds his brother is dead and next to his body is a small item he picks up – horrified to discover that it is his own kidney with a bite mark taken out of it.

Eyeless Jack

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