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Best Evil Queen Costume Guide

The Evil Queen, also known as The Wicked Queen, is the main antagonist of the classic Disney animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Evil Queen is the second wife of Snow White’s father, the King, therefore making her Snow White’s step-mother. She is an incredibly vain woman who wants to be the most beautiful of all. Her jealousy is why the existence of Snow White, known to be the fairest in the land, drives her mad. To ensure her place as the most beautiful of all, she eventually assumes the appearance of a witch to deliver a poisoned apple to Snow White.

Get the look of the iconic Disney villain with this Evil Queen costume guide. Look murderous but beautiful cosplaying the Evil Queen in a cloak paired with black heels. Make sure to bring along the Queen’s staff to give the idea of regal power. Carrying an infamous apple is sure to complete the look.

Evil Queen Cosplay Costumes

The Evil Queen is described to be a gorgeous woman, but one whose beauty is sinister and cold. Judging her appearances alone, she appears to be a very calm and collected woman—one of regal, grace, and sophistication. But knowing her only reveals The Evil Queen as extremely insecure and vain. She is a ruthlessly jealous woman whose sole obsession is to be the fairest one of all. So much so that she cares very little about ruling her kingdom for as long as she remains, or becomes, the most beautiful in the land.

The witch, though looking nothing like her, shares plenty of her personality traits, most notably her vanity and penchant for jealousy. Turn your costume into an evil Disney party. Invite your friends to dress up as other iconic Disney villains like Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Yzma, Maleficent, and Jafar.

Evil Queen Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the realm of classic fairy tales with our costume guide FAQ, focused on the Evil Queen from “Snow White.” As one of the most iconic villains in the world of fairy tales, the Evil Queen’s attire is synonymous with regal elegance and dark beauty. This guide is designed to assist you in crafting a costume that captures the essence of her menacing yet sophisticated presence, ideal for fans looking to portray a timeless antagonist in style.

The Evil Queen's costume is characterized by its royal and intimidating appearance. Key elements include a long, flowing purple robe with dramatic sleeves, a high white collar, and a black hooded cloak. She also wears a gold crown, a dark dress underneath the robe, and carries a box (representing the one she gives to the Huntsman). Her look is often completed with a sash or belt at the waist and dark, dramatic makeup.

The high white collar is a defining feature of the Evil Queen's costume. You can create this by using stiff white fabric or interfacing to maintain its upright shape. The collar should be tall enough to frame your face and stand out against the black cloak.

The Evil Queen's robe should be a deep, rich purple, made from a material that has a slight sheen or shimmer to it. The sleeves can be wide and flowing. The black cloak should be hooded and can be made from a heavier fabric to add to the dramatic effect. The cloak can be fastened at the neck and should drape elegantly to the ground.

For makeup, focus on creating a dramatic and menacing look. This can include dark, arched eyebrows, deep purple or dark red lipstick, and heavily contoured cheekbones. The Evil Queen's hair is typically styled in a neat, low bun under her crown, but you can also opt for a sleek, pulled-back style if a bun is not feasible.

The Evil Queen, known for her sinister and eloquent dialogue, has several memorable lines, such as: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?,” “You know the penalty if you fail,” “A heart of a pig! Then I have been tricked!,” “Snow White lies dead in the forest. The Huntsman has brought me proof. Behold, her heart.” and “Now, begin thy magic spell.” These quotes capture the essence of the Evil Queen's character, making your cosplay more immersive and true to the classic tale.

About Evil Queen

The Evil Queen is considered to be one of Disney’s most iconic and most menacing villains. She is the first Disney animated canon villain. She was even once voted to be the 10th greatest movie villain of all time by the American Film Institute.

In the early stages of design, she resembled a fat and frumpy, comical character. However, Disney decided later on that she should be depicted to be more realistic and majestic, leading to her current, timeless design. Instead of becoming a comical character, she instead became a femme fatale. She is said to be a symbolic figure of Ancient Europe which American audiences viewed as a symbol of not only elegance and grace but also of decadence and self-destruction.

Several references are said to have inspired her design – Joan Crawford (lips and eyes), a column statue at Naumburg Cathedral (costume), and  George de Feure’s La Femme au chapeau noir (facial features).

Evil Queen

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