How to Dress Like Eugene Porter

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70's Disco Mullet Wig
Black Mesh Fishing Vest
Windowpane-Check Dress Shirt
Light Khaki Twill Cargo Shorts
Airsoft Spring Pistol with Silencer
Hi-Tec Flagstaff Hiking Boot

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Eugene Porter, another apocalypse survivor and socially awkward coward from AMC’s The Walking Dead series. He has what can be politely described as a vintage look; by vintage, we mean severely outdated. Follow the costume guide for Eugene Porter, and we’ll have you ready to run and hide in no time flat!

For Eugene’s look, chose a distinct 70’s Disco Mullet Wig. Dress in a Windowpane-Check Dress Shirt coupled with a Light Khaki Twill Cargo Shorts and a Black Mesh Fishing Vest. A rugged pair of Hi-Tec Flagstaff Hiking Boots and an Airsoft Spring Pistol with Silencer will cap off your scared look.

Eugene Porter Cosplay Costumes

If you’re partial to cosplaying characters with outdated hairstyles, then Eugene Porter is the perfect guy for you. This character starring in AMC’s The Walking Dead is the proud owner of a mullet. Take down those man buns, slick your hair back, and let the rest flow free. The rest of his outfit is a cinch. Add a basic long sleeve collared shirt with a fisherman’s vest over it, jeans, and a pair of boots. Then, you’re done. A local thrift shop may have affordable options for the costume.

Take your cosplay to the next level armed with a faux gun that can be purchased online or in a toy store. For group cosplay, your options are endless. We suggest Negan, the leader of the Saviors. You can also include Dwight, Sherry, or Laura. Be sure to check out the featured pics for more costume inspiration. Send us your best Eugene Porter look.

Eugene Porter Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our costume guide for Eugene Porter, the intelligent and resourceful, yet initially cowardly, character from the series. Known for his distinctive mullet, unique way of speaking, and his journey from a self-preserving liar to a brave member of the group, Eugene’s look is both memorable and characteristic of his evolution. This guide will help you recreate Eugene Porter’s style, perfect for cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating “The Walking Dead.”

Eugene Porter's outfit reflects his practical and unassuming nature. Key components typically include a light-colored, button-up shirt, often plaid, dark cargo pants or jeans, and a practical, utilitarian jacket, like a windbreaker or a vest. His look is completed with sturdy boots and his iconic mullet hairstyle, often combed neatly.

Eugene is famous for his mullet hairstyle — short at the front and sides, and long at the back. To achieve this look, use a wig styled in a mullet cut, or style your own hair to have short sides and a longer back. Eugene's hair is generally neat, so keep it well-groomed.

Eugene wears practical and durable footwear, suitable for the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world. Opt for sturdy boots that provide good ankle support, ideally in a dark color like black or brown.

Key accessories for an Eugene Porter costume include a backpack or a satchel, reflecting his role as a resourceful member of the group often involved in scientific pursuits. Optionally, you can include props like a walkie-talkie or a notebook, representing his interest in communication and strategy.

Eugene is known for his unique manner of speaking and intellectual demeanor. Here are some memorable quotes: "I'm exceedingly smart. I have PhDs in multiple fields.," "I'm a survivor.," "I fully respect the hair game.," "There's a vast ocean of shit you people don't know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit... and then some." and "I'm not a scientist, but I do believe I have a fully formed method for dealing with these walkers." These quotes capture Eugene's initial façade, his intellectual approach, and his later development into a more courageous character, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of him.

About Eugene Porter

Eugene Porter is a high school science teacher being escorted to Washington, DC to provide the cure to the zombie pandemic. He doesn’t have a cure; he’s just a coward who thinks he’ll have a better chance of surviving in the nation’s capital. He has virtually no survival skills and hides behind his lie to get protection from the group. Socially awkward and eccentric, he gives off a creepy voyeuristic vibe to those around him.

Eugene is highly intelligent and proves his worth by building helpful tools like water filtration systems and batteries out of everyday materials. Once his lie is revealed, though it places a strain on his friendships, his value to the group outweighs the “crime.” He eventually becomes the official engineer of the group, visibly relieved to have survived. He enjoys books and shows an interest in video games, but rarely smiles. He later grows in courage with increased survival skill by learning to fight for himself.

Eugene Porter

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