How to Dress Like Erran Morad

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Erran Morad Costume Guide
ATS Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Tactical Pants
Stage Makeup Wax
Coach Whistles
Tactical Belt
Toy Pistol
Tactical Boots

Best Erran Morad Costume Guide

Erran Morad is a fictional character created by the modern-day master of disguise, Sacha Baron Cohen, for his 2018 television series Who is America? This Israeli combat specialist has a different military title each week, such as Colonel, Major, and Lieutenant. He is introduced as a highly trained weapons and combat expert who is coming to America to teach citizens how to survive in today’s unsafe world. Get the look of the military elite with this Erran Morad costume guide.

His segments on the show include encouraging his guns in school program “Kinderguardians,” having former Vice President Dick Cheney autograph a waterboarding kit, teaching 3 President Trump supporters how to trap Mexicans, and training people in absurd anti-terrorists techniques. If you want to turn yourself into fictitious anti-terrorism expert Erran Morad, you’ll need to dress up in some Stage Makeup Wax, ATS Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Tactical Pants, Tactical Belt, Tactical Boots, G-SHOCK Watch, Coach Whistle, and a Toy Pistol.


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