How to Dress Like Eren Yeager

Male Anime
Medieval Shirt
White Pants
Key Pendant Necklace
Green Cape
Brown Boots
Leather Brown Waist Band
Attack on Titan Jacket
Weapon Set
Belt Harness

Best Eren Yeager Costume Guide

Eren Yeager is a fictional character seen in the awesome manga and anime series Attack on Titan. Eren is the main character in the series and is a former member of the Survey Corps. During the fall of Wall Maria, Eren was forced to watch as his mother was eaten by a Titan which instilled in him a deep hatred for Titans, vowing to destroy all of them.

His father gave him the key to his basement and also injected him with a Titan Serum. He unlocks his father’s basement and discovers the truth about Titans. After being swallowed by a Titan in his first official mission, he realizes he can become one of them.  To turn yourself into Eren Yeager you’ll need a Brown Boots, White Pants, Attack on Titan Jacket, Belt Harness, Leather Brown Waist Band, Medieval Shirt, Green Cape, Key Pendant Necklace, and Weapon Set.

Eren Yeager Cosplay Costumes

We know that you love cosplay because you get to transform into someone else while you’re in costume. This is the life Eren Yeager lives every day, as he switches between a human who hates Titans and wants to do everything in his power to eliminate them to becoming an actual Titan himself, and battling against the enormous creatures. What a perfect choice for a cosplay outfit, especially if you love Attack on Titan as so many other people do.

Eren Yeager is a character who will do anything to defend his friends, even sacrificing his own life to save his friend Armin from certain doom during the Battle of Trost – so don’t let your friends down. They’ll want to have some cosplay fun with you, so have them join you as Armin Arlet, Eren’s best friend, or even his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman.

Eren Yeager Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into Eren Yeager, the fierce and determined protagonist of the renowned anime and manga series “Attack on Titan,” with our specialized costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you recreate Eren’s iconic Scout Regiment uniform and his distinct appearance, capturing the essence of his character’s journey and resolve.

Eren Yeager's costume primarily includes the standard Scout Regiment uniform, which consists of a brown jacket with the Wings of Freedom insignia on the shoulders and back, a white shirt, dark pants, and knee-high brown boots. The key accessories include the green cape with the regiment insignia, the 3D maneuver gear, and harnesses.

Replicating the 3D maneuver gear can be a creative and fun challenge. You can use lightweight materials like foam, cardboard, and plastic pipes to create the gear's framework. Paint and detail it to resemble the gear's complex system of boxes, grapples, and belts as seen in the series.

Eren wears knee-high, lace-up brown boots, which are a part of the Scout Regiment's uniform. Look for similar style boots, ensuring they have a snug fit and are comfortable for walking or posing.

Eren has short, messy brown hair and intense green eyes. Style your hair (or a wig) to match his unkempt and sharp look. If you don't have green eyes, consider using colored contact lenses to capture his striking eye color.

To embody Eren Yeager in your cosplay, consider incorporating some of his memorable quotes and poses: "I am free. No matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.," "If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win!," Adopting his fierce battle stance or mimicking the use of the 3D maneuver gear and Showing determination and a sense of purpose in your expressions, as Eren is known for his strong will and resolve. Recreating his transformation pose or the moment of using his Titan powers. These elements capture Eren's spirit as a fighter and his pivotal role in "Attack on Titan."

About Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist in the popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan. His early life was beset with tragedy when he saw his mother eaten by a Titan during an attack which saw the fall of his hometown. Armed with an incredible hatred for Titans, Eren joins the 104th Training Corps alongside his sister Mikasa and his best friend, Armin Arlert. Upon graduating to the Survey Corps, he is sent to his first mission – the Battle of Trost.

In an attempt to save his friend Armin’s life, Eren rescues him from the jaws of a Titan and takes his place, being swallowed by the creature only to emerge later on with the ability to turn into a Titan himself. He possesses the power of three Titans, and with his newfound abilities, he becomes a target for different organizations who want to bring down the Titans.

Eren Yeager

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