How to Dress Like Emmet Brickowski

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Emmet Brickowski Costume Guide
Men's Long Sleeve Work Shirt
High Visibility Safety Vest
Genuine Leather Men's Belt
Safety Workwear Combat Pants
Suspension Bump Cap
Toe Light Weight Athletic Shoe

Best Emmet Brickowski Halloween Costume Guide

LEGO mini-figure Emmet Brickowski was immortalized by American actor Chris Pratt in the Warner Bros 2014 release of The LEGO Movie. Following our costume guide, we can help you pull off at least one of his many looks! We started with a Men’s Long Sleeve Work Shirt under a High Visibility Safety Vest.

Take your Safety Workwear Combat Pants paired to the shirt and vest will take care of the main pieces of this costume. For the smaller pieces, we recommended a Genuine Leather Men’s Belt and a Suspension Bump Cap. Close out the outfit with a pair of Toe Light Weight Athletic Shoes.

Emmet Brickowski Cosplay Costumes

LEGO fans have found a new favorite in mini-figure Emmet Brickowski. What most don’t know is that Emmet has up to 15 physical variants! That means 14 more Emmet Brickowski cosplay options! To name a few, there is Pajama Emmet with an outfit of white and light blue pajamas. There is also Robot Disguise Emmet, who is the same as Regular Emmet, except that his face and hands are covered in tinfoil.

The main parts of any LEGO costume consist of the head and hands, which can also be easily purchased. The rest is really up to you! For group events, have friends come as the evil Lord Business, or gal pal Wyldstyle. Of course, there is the adorable Princess Unikitty or the super-popular Batman! Make sure you check out our featured pics for more style ideas. Also, send in your own and show us what you come up with!

About Emmet Brickowski

Emmet Brickowski initially comes off as common and unoriginal but deep down he is an optimistic and friendly character. A consummate worker bee, he lives his life according to set instructions. He’s easily confused and easily frightened. More than anything, he wants people to like him, he wants friends. He has very little thought outside the norm, at least at first.

When Emmet is mistakenly named “The Special”, people start paying attention to him. He doesn’t necessarily change who he is, he only appears to become a better form of himself. He begins to think of doing things without a set of instructions and from his own mind. Emmet Brickowski is a simple LEGO man and its in his plain thinking that the citizens learn to work together for a common goal. He becomes a hero without ever meaning to and finds himself a girlfriend, to boot.

Emmet Brickowski

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