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Emma Swan Costume Guide
Emma Swan Red Leather Jacket
Pyrrha "Talisman" Sterling Silver Swan Pendant Necklace
Alternative Dolman Long Sleeve Shirt
Essie Nail Polish - Fishnet Stockings
Brown Ankle Strap Tall Riding Boots
Levi's Juniors' 524 Skinny Jeans

Best Emma Swan Costume Guide

Become the former bail bond agent, Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, from the ABC television series Once Upon a Time. As the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, Emma is urged by her son Henry to return to Storybrooke, Maine to break a curse by the Evil Queen and restore the fairy tale characters’ happy endings. Dress up like “The Dark One” with Levi’s Juniors’ 524 Skinny Jeans, Alternative Dolman Long Sleeve Shirt, Alternative Cream Tear-Away Basic Crew, and Emma Swan Red Leather Jacket. Get the complete costume with a pair of Brown Ankle Strap Tall Riding Boots, Pyrrha “Talisman” Sterling Silver Swan Pendant Necklace, and Essie Fishnet Stockings Nail Polish.

Emma Swan Cosplay Costumes

Actor Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan, one of the main characters of ABC’s hit show “Once Upon a Time.” Based on multiple intertwining fairytales, “Once Upon a Time” follows Emma as she enters Storybrooke and discovers her extraordinary past. Fans of the show who want to dress like Emma will have no problem putting together her costume. Start with a pair of jeans and lace-up boots. Emma usually wears a T-shirt and a red leather jacket. If your friends want to dress up with you, there are plenty of other “Once Upon a Time” characters to choose from like Snow White, Belle, or even Rumplestiltskin.

About Emma Swan

Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. However, Emma was separated from them as a baby, and so she grew up in various foster homes. When Emma reaches Storybrooke, she’s somewhat bitter and very skeptical of any mention of magic. However, with her son Henry’s help, Emma soon becomes a selfless hero that saves Storybrooke on multiple occasions. Be sure to check out our website for photos to inspire your own Emma Swan costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to our gallery!

Emma Swan

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