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Best Embarrassment Costume Guide

Step into the world of emotions with the perfect Embarrassment costume from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out 2! Embarrassment is a new character, voiced by Paul Walter Hauser, known for his pink hue and bashful demeanor, making him a standout addition to the emotional crew. This guide will help you capture every detail of Embarrassment’s look, from the red short wig to the pale pink face, ensuring you embody Riley’s teenage emotion when cosplaying.

To recreate Embarrassment’s unique look, you’ll need a red short wig, a hooded sweatshirt, pale pink face and body paint, a clown nose painted light pink, a pair of pink men’s casual pants, and Hey Dude men’s Red Shoes. Each piece is essential to nailing the character’s look, making you a hit at any costume party or cosplay event.

Embarrassment Cosplay Costumes

To dress like Embarrassment for cosplay, start with the red short wig and a hooded sweatshirt to capture his casual yet colorful style. Apply pale pink face paint to achieve their signature pinkish blush tone. The clown nose painted light pink will match the character’s facial features, while the pink men’s casual pants and Hey Dude men’s red shoes complete the ensemble, bringing together all the elements that make Embarrassment’s character so memorable.

Consider doing a group cosplay with other fellow emotions from Inside Out 2 for an added layer of fun. Characters like Joy, Sadness, and Anger will complement your Embarrassment costume perfectly, creating an unforgettable group ensemble. Together, you’ll represent the full spectrum of emotions for any [Halloween] costume party.

Embarrassment Costume Tips & FAQs

Dressing up as Embarrassment can be a fun and creative experience. Here are some FAQs to help you get the look just right.

Use a primer before applying the paint and set it with a translucent powder or setting spray to ensure it lasts.

Light pink acrylic paint works well for the clown nose. Make sure to let it dry completely before wearing it.

Try to stick to light pink tones for accuracy, but slightly different shades can work as long as they complement the overall look.

Style the wig with a bit of hair gel to achieve Embarrassment’s neat and slightly tousled look.

About Embarrassment

Embarrassment is a new character introduced in Pixar’s 20224 hit movie, Inside Out 2, known for his endearing and bashful personality. He add a unique dynamic to the emotional team, often turning red with shyness and blushing furiously in social situations. Embarrassment’s character design, with its pink hues and expressive features, makes him a standout figure in the movie.

With his red wig and pink complexion, Embarrassment embodies the feeling of being flustered and self-conscious. His presence in the film highlights the complexities of human (especially teenage) emotions and how each feeling plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. Fans of Inside Out 2 will appreciate the attention to detail in your Embarrassment costume, capturing the essence of this lovable character.


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