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Elliot Alderson Costume Guide
Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie
Black T-shirt
Black Slim Fit Jeans
Black Tactical Backpack
Dell Laptop
Timberland Sneakers

Best Elliot Alderson Costume Guide

Join fsociety dressed like Elliot Alderson, the cybersecurity engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night, who is the main character from the TV show Mr. Robot on USA network. Go up against “Evil Corp” like Rami Malek by joining Mr. Robot and his group of hacktivists. Get Elliot’s entire costume by wearing a Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie, Black T-shirt, Black Slim Fit Jeans, and Timberland Sneakers. Grab your Black Tactical Backpack and Dell Laptop before heading to work at Allsafe.

Elliot Alderson Cosplay Costumes

While it’s probably not a good idea to become a vigilante hacker, you can always dress up as one like Elliot Alderson who’s played by Rami Malek in the television show, Mr. Robot. While Elliot may be a cybersecurity engineer during the day, he becomes a hacker during the night in order to try and take down Evil Corp. If you have friends willing to dress up as other members of the society, this could be a great addition to the group costume. We’d love to see photos of whatever you happen to come up with.

The things you need to create this costume are a black zip-up hoodie, a black t-shirt, black slim fit jeans, a black tactical backpack, a Dell laptop and timberland sneakers to complete this look and replicate Elliot Alderson.

About Elliot Alderson

Elliot Alderson happens to be quite a complex character that no one can really pinpoint down. He’s a 28 year old man who lives in New York and works as a cybersecurity engineer at E-Corp during the day. Elliot also happens to be a hacker at night and he has explained before that hacking is his way of communicating with other people since his daytime job doesn’t allow much socialization.

Elliot is an introvert who doesn’t really like to associate with others and hates to be touched in any circumstance. He also happens to be a drug user or at least was for some while before he decided to quit which was actually incredibly difficult for him to stop. As much as you may try to analyze this character, it’s hard to get a read on him and figure out what he’s truly like as a person.

Elliot Alderson

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