How to Dress Like Ellie

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Radioactive Pin
Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Women's Jeans
The Last of Us T-shirt
Olive Green Backpack
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Unisex Converse Sneakers

Best Ellie Costume Guide

Ellie, voiced by Ashley Johnson, fights for her life and helps others stay clear of the fungal infection spread by Runners in the Sony PlayStation video game, The Last of Us. As a nineteen-year-old survivor, Ellie is mature beyond her years due to her environment. She is in the process of learning how dark her world has become and is searching for a cure to the infection. She’s brave and isn’t afraid to push the limits when it comes to surviving in the Runner’s world. Get the look of the survivor with this Ellie costume guide.

Get prepared to fight against the Runners dressed like Ellie with The Last Of Us T-Shirt over a Black Long Sleeve Shirt. Throw on a pair of Women’s Jeans and some Unisex Converse sneakers. Ellie keeps all of her essentials inside an Olive Green Backpack with a Radioactive Pin. She has to protect herself somehow, so add an Airsoft Sniper Rifle to the look to pull it all together!

Ellie Cosplay Costumes

Post-apocalyptic movies and games never get old, and Ellie is the latest character fighting off flesh-eating creatures. Her costume isn’t hard to recreate, and you should have most of the essentials you need to turn yourself into Ellie for a night! Grab a black long sleeve shirt and some jeans out of your own closet along with some Converse sneakers that you probably already own. Order the specific The Last of Us t-shirt online to throw on top of a long sleeve shirt. Pick up a basic green backpack from most retail stores and stick a radioactive pin on it to match Ellie’s. The last item you’ll need is the airsoft rifle which you can order online.

Ellie could probably survive on her own, but she travels together with Joel while they fight off the Runners. This is the perfect opportunity to turn Ellie’s solo look into a group cosplay! Get your friends to dress as Joel and a couple of Runners to make this group costume top notch! Check out The Last of Us costume gallery for even more character inspiration for this look!

Ellie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the gritty and post-apocalyptic world of “The Last of Us” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Ellie. This guide will help you capture the essence of Ellie’s resilient and resourceful character, enabling you to embody one of the most compelling figures from this critically acclaimed video game series.

Ellie's signature look is practical and suited for survival. Key elements include a red t-shirt or henley shirt, a gray hoodie, and a pair of rugged jeans. She also wears sturdy, worn-in boots suitable for traversing rough terrain. To complete the outfit, add a black wristwatch and a backpack. Ellie's attire is simple yet iconic, reflecting her tough and determined personality.

Ellie is known for her short, messy hairstyle, often pulled back into a small ponytail. If your hair is longer, consider tying it back to mimic her style. Ellie also has a notable scar on her right eyebrow, which you can recreate with makeup or face paint. Additionally, her face often has smudges of dirt or grime, which adds to the realism of a post-apocalyptic survivor.

Essential accessories for an authentic Ellie cosplay include a backpack, preferably in a dark color with visible wear and tear. She also wears a distinctive black wristwatch, which is a significant item in the game's storyline. If you want to add more detail, include a replica of Ellie's switchblade or a fake wooden plank or brick, which are items she frequently uses in the game.

Ellie has a distinctive tattoo on her right arm, featuring a fern and moth. You can recreate this tattoo with temporary tattoo paper, which you can print with a design found online. Alternatively, you can draw the tattoo with body paint or markers. The tattoo is a symbol of her growth and experiences throughout the game.

Including quotes from Ellie can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your cosplay. Some memorable lines include: "After all we've been through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing.," "I'm gonna find, and I'm gonna kill, every last one of them.," "No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.," "Endure and survive." and "Swear to me that everything that you said about the Fireflies is true." These quotes capture Ellie's determined and resilient spirit, as well as the emotional depth of her character in the face of a brutal and unforgiving world.

About Ellie

Ellie is the main protagonist and playable character from the Sony PlayStation video game, The Last of Us. Ellie was born after the spread of the fungi pandemic, so she doesn’t remember or understand what life was like before. She has grown up in a world without parents and where Runners are on the loose. If she is bitten by any of the Runners, then she too could evolve into one of the mindless creatures.

When she was younger and living in a boarding school, Ellie and a friend were bitten by Runners. While her friend became infected and died, Ellie came to the realization that she was immune to the Runner’s bite. Her new mission was to find an anecdote to her bite along with the help of Joel. She needed relief from her guilt of being the one who survived the Runner’s infection. Ellie may have first been naive about what was happening in her world, but she quickly learned and is well beyond her years.


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