Long Blonde Wig
Men's Lightweight Navy Jacket
Doll Collar Short Sleeve Dress
Waffle Teething Toy
Chuck Taylor All Star II Sneaker
Over the Calf Tube Socks
Graftobian Stage Blood

Best Eleven Costume Guide

Jane “Eleven” Ives, also known as El, is played by actor Millie Bobby Brown as one of the main characters from the hit Netflix television series Stranger Things. Eleven is a young girl with psychokinetic gifts and a mysterious past that escaped from Hawkins National Laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana. Mike Wheeler thinks Eleven is their key to finding his missing friend, Will Byers.

Dress like just like Eleven with a costume made up of a Long Blonde Wig, Doll Collar Short Sleeve Dress, Men’s Lightweight Navy Jacket, Over the Calf Tube Socks, and a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star II Sneakers. Get the complete cosplay look by adding El’s accessories like Graftobian Stage Blood for her bloody nose and a Waffle Teething Toy.

Eleven Cosplay Costumes

Looking to choose an unlikely hero to cosplay? Why not Eleven from the hit Netflix television series Stranger Things? With her hair shorn close to her head, this character can be cosplayed by a guy or a girl! While Eleven is the true star of the show, asking a few of your friends to join you at a Halloween party could bring together the whole Stranger Things crew. A simple trucker hat and flannel shirt could make for a convincing Dustin Henderson, 80s fashion would give you Nancy Wheeler’s look or her doomed friend, Barb Holland.

Complete the group with Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler and the newly found Will Byers! You can always recruit your family members to cosplay as the cast of Stranger Things. Can you imagine your mom cosplaying the chain smoking, emotional wreck Joyce Byers? Or your uncle donning a sheriff hat and playing Chief Jim Hopper? While in costume, you can help yourselves to some of Eleven’s Eggo Waffles! Be sure to check out the featured pictures for more cosplay ideas and send us your outfits!

Eleven Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the Upside Down with our Young Eleven costume guide FAQ. Transform into the mysterious, telekinetic character from the early seasons of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” as we answer your questions about creating the perfect Young Eleven ensemble.

To create a Young Eleven outfit, you'll need a pink dress with a white collar, a blue jacket or windbreaker, knee-high tube socks with colored stripes, and white sneakers. Complete the look with a short, brown wig or hair styled in a buzz cut, and optional fake blood to create a nosebleed effect.

Young Eleven has a distinctive, short, brown buzz cut hairstyle. If you're willing to make a bold statement, you can shave your head to match Eleven's look. Alternatively, purchase a short, brown wig or hairpiece and style it to resemble a buzz cut.

For a Young Eleven costume, search for a pink dress with a white collar or Peter Pan collar. The dress should be knee-length and have short sleeves. If you cannot find a dress with a white collar, you can purchase a separate white collar or use white fabric to create one and attach it to a pink dress.

Pair your Young Eleven costume with white sneakers, preferably with Velcro straps or laces. Look for a clean, simple design to match Eleven's iconic style. Complete the look with knee-high tube socks featuring colored stripes, typically green and yellow.

To enhance your Young Eleven costume, consider carrying a box of Eggo waffles, a toy walkie-talkie, or a stuffed toy version of a Demogorgon. You can also apply fake blood under one nostril to mimic Eleven's nosebleeds when using her powers. These additional elements will help you capture the essence of the "Stranger Things" universe and add extra excitement to your costume.

About Eleven (El / 011)

Millions that have tuned into the Netflix series Stranger Things have fallen for the show’s improbable heroine Eleven. From her borrowed pink dress and ill-fitting blonde wig to her curious love of Eggo waffles, Eleven is a force to be reckoned with. Presumably the daughter of a Project MKUltra participant, Eleven was raised in the Hawkins National Laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana where her psychokinetic abilities are exploited for international espionage.

Her extreme abilities almost make you forget that she’s just a little girl, almost. Desperate for freedom, truth, and friendship, she protects her new friends Dustin, Lucas, and Mike by using her powers for good in an effort to rescue their missing friend, Will Byers, from the Upside Down. El is kind, brave and willing to sacrifice herself to stop the creatures from the dark dimension overtaking Hawkins, IN. Eleven has an unlikely champion in Sheriff Hooper who fights to protect her while El fights to protect everyone. She is a beloved character and quite easy to cosplay!


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