How to Dress Like Eleven (Yellow Print)

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Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume Guide

Best Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Costume Guide

Eleven is a super-human girl who appears in the Netflix show, Stranger Things. She was experimented on at Hawkins National Laboratory when she was young. Eleven now has some impressive powers like telekinesis, extrasensory perception, technopathy, portal manipulation, and biokinesis. After she learned how to control her skills, Eleven was able to escape these experiments and find a new home.

In the third season of the show, Eleven is now a teenager living with her adopted father, Chief Jim Hopper. She’s dating Mike Wheeler and enjoys spending every waking second with him, much to the disapproval of Hopper. Though she still has rules about what she can and can’t do around “normal” people, she’s still full of curiosity and loves to explore the world around her. For Eleven’s yellow print look in season 3, you will need an Eleven Costume, White Crew Socks, Women’s Sneaker, Black Bandana, American Flag Bandanas, and some Fake Blood.

Eleven (Yellow Shirt) Cosplay Costumes

Eleven is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from Stranger Things. The good thing about Eleven is that she has several different outfit options to choose from! This means even if you choose the same character, you don’t have to look just like everyone else.

Her pink dress outfit from the first season and her grungy look from the second season have both been seen plenty of times. The third season has introduced several new outfits for cosplayers—all of which are pretty easy to put together! With the 80s fashion coming back into stores, it won’t be as hard as you may think to locate a bright yellow shirt and a pair of black suspenders.

Stranger Things is so popular that you’re bound to have some friends that also love the show. Why not have them dress up as other characters from the show? We’d love to see how your look turns out, so don’t forget to send us a photo!

About Eleven (Yellow Shirt)

Eleven, also known simply as “El,” is a well-known character from the Netflix series,  Stranger Things. After escaping the mad scientists in season one and closing “the gate” to the Upside Down in season 2, everyone in Hawkins thought their troubles were over. However, the Mind Flayer has other plans.

In the third season, El spends almost all her time with her boyfriend, Mike. Hopper doesn’t like her spending so much time with a boy, but he has to accept that she’s growing up. El has rules and curfews just like any typical teen, and she also breaks them like any normal teen. Max shows her the wondrous place of the Starcour t Mall and helps her find her cool style. The good times can’t last forever, though, and El soon learns this the hard way. Eleven has to defeat a monster much stronger than she’s ever faced. If she wants to save her friends and family, Eleven will have to overcome even more significant obstacles than before.

Eleven (Yellow Shirt)

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