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Eleven (Punk) Costume Guide
Tweed Jacket
Black T-Shirt
Black Bandana
Washed Blue Jeans
White Converse

Best Eleven (Punk) Costume Guide

Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, made her initial appearance on the very first episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things. And Eleven continues to impress in the second season where she makes a brief appearance as “Punk Eleven.” Following her escape from the cabin that Chief Jim Hopper hid her in, she finds and meets up with Kali. Kali, also known as Eight, is a fellow child that Eleven knew while at Hawkins National Laboratory. Get the alternate look of the Stranger Things Season 2 star with this Eleven (Punk) costume guide.

Dress up with Eleven’s mysterious and darker style with a Black T-Shirt, Wool Jacket, Washed Blue Jeans, White Converse sneakers, Black Bandana, and a Bracelet. Eleven’s sweet and simple style drastically changes along with her personality. She is ready to fight and protect everyone she cares about—no matter what she has to do.

Eleven (Punk) Cosplay Costumes

If you’ve been keeping up with the Netflix show Stranger Things, you know how Eleven’s attitude changes. She begins to turn into herself with each day that passes. You can get her “punk” style from Stranger Things season two as your next Halloween costume! All you have to do is look through your closet for a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and some white Converse sneakers. A close match for the wool jacket, bandana, and bracelet can probably be purchased at a thrift store. With this gear, all you need now are psychokinetic powers to get her complete look!

Add Mike Wheeler, Jim Hopper, Joyce Byers, Will Byers, and any of the other characters from Stranger Things to assemble a group costume! Send us a picture to show off your punk look in the costume gallery as a featured look for the most wanted Stranger Things costumes!

About Eleven (Punk)

Eleven is one of the most popular characters from the Netflix series, Stranger Things. She was held captive in the Hawkins National Laboratory with experiments and tests run on her over and over again. After her escaped, Eleven became extremely close with Mike Wheeler and his other friends—Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers. After fighting against the monster, Eleven was transferred to the Upside Down which was actually an alternate reality of Hawkins Middle School.

Eleven had to stay away from police officers and special agents because they were spinning a story that she had mysteriously disappeared. Chief Jim Hopper found Eleven and decided to keep her safe inside a small cabin, but due to Eleven’s history with confined spaces, she didn’t last in there very long. She retraced her steps to meet up with Eight, who now is known as Kali, a child also held at Hawkins Laboratory. When they meet up, she joins Kali’s gang and takes on their unique appearance.

Eleven (Punk)

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