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Long Sleeve Shirt
Gray Jeans
Gray Shirt
Toy Gun
Brown Belt
Gun Holster
Badge Holder
Hiking Boots

Best Elena Fisher Costume Guide

Elena Fisher is an independent female character from the popular Naughty Dog video game series Uncharted. She is the sidekick and love interest of the main character, Nathan Drake. Often described as “the female version of Drake,” Elena is an intelligent go-getter. She proves to be more than just a female version of Drake. Elena acts as both his perfect complement and a driving force to meet his goals. She is as skilled of a fighter as Nathan but is also known to be his only rival in intelligence and charm. Get the look of the spunky sidekick with this Elena Fisher costume guide.

Travel to uncharted territories by cosplaying Elena Fisher’s look. Wear a Long Sleeve Shirt with a Gray Shirt underneath, Gray Jeans with a Brown Belt, and Hiking Boots. Don’t forget the Badge Holder, Gun Holster, and Toy Gun to complete her look.

Elena Fisher Cosplay Costumes

Though described as only a sidekick to Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher has many impressive qualities to make her a heroine in her own right. Fascinated by history and having a deep knowledge of it, she proves very useful for the adventures the Uncharted team undertake. Cosplay Elena’s look from the Uncharted game series with a functional outfit. Uncharted creator Naughty Dog said they patterned Elena’s look after a Girl-Next-Door who is ready for any adventure. To get that look, start with a gray shirt, gray jeans, and a brown belt. Then, throw on a long-sleeve shirt over your gray shirt and put on a pair of hiking boots. Don’t forget your badge holder, gun holster, and toy gun to make sure your enemies know you mean business.

Make sure you don’t journey to uncharted lands alone! Get the whole team together as you and your friends cosplay your love interest Nathan Drake and fellow treasure hunters Chloe Frazer and Harry Flynn from the Uncharted video game.

Elena Fisher Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Elena Fisher costume guide FAQ, inspired by the intrepid journalist and adventurer from the “Uncharted” video game series. Ideal for fans of action-packed games and strong female characters, this guide is perfect for recreating Elena’s practical yet stylish look, suitable for cosplay events, gaming conventions, or any adventure-themed gathering.

Elena Fisher's outfit reflects her role as a journalist and adventurer. Key components include cargo pants or jeans, a practical t-shirt or tank top, a utility vest or light jacket, and sturdy boots. Her attire is often in earth tones like beige, green, or blue, reflecting her readiness for various environments. She typically has a camera or a satchel, essential for her reporting ventures.

Elena has shoulder-length blonde hair, usually styled in a practical yet feminine way. To achieve her look, use a blonde wig or style your hair in loose waves or a casual ponytail. Her hair is practical for her adventurous lifestyle, so keep the style simple and manageable.

Opt for a plain, fitted t-shirt or tank top, preferably in a neutral color like white, grey, or khaki. Pair it with a utility vest or a light cargo-style jacket. The vest or jacket should have pockets, reflecting her need to carry equipment and essentials on her adventures.

Accessories are key to capturing Elena's essence as a journalist and explorer. Include a camera, either a modern digital one or a more vintage style, depending on the game's setting you're portraying. A satchel or backpack for carrying her gear, along with a notebook or a map, can also enhance the authenticity of the costume.

Elena Fisher is known for her intelligence, humor, and determination. Here are a few quotes that can add depth to your portrayal: "I'm good at what I do, and what I do is pretty good.," "You know, for all your scheming, you mind is pretty simple sometimes." and "Greatness from small beginnings." Incorporating these quotes can help capture Elena Fisher's essence, showcasing her resilience, quick wit, and unwavering spirit of adventure, making your costume not just visually accurate but also true to her character.

About Elena Fisher

Charming, tenacious, and fiercely determined, Elena Fisher is known to be one of the strongest female characters in any video game franchise. Her background story on the Uncharted game series proves this. A journalist who started a career in documentary work and later into news broadcasting, Elena is known to be a great and well-matched ally to Nathan Drake. Creators, collaborators, and fans alike comment on the journey and growth of Elena throughout the video game series.

She starts in the game as naïve, idealistic, and impulsive. As the game series progresses, Elena became more strategic, careful, and realistic—less exciting qualities, but ones that prove more useful when taking on uncharted adventures. One interesting note about Elena is that she was originally drawn and advertised to be a brunette. Upon game release, she was instead depicted as a blonde by creators. She is voiced and motion captured by American actress Emily Rose.

Elena Fisher

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