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Edith Gru Costume Guide
Pink Striped Beanie
Women's Pullover Sweater
Women's Seamless Tights
Augusta Sportswear Skirt
Womens Boots

Best Edith Gru Costume Guide

Edith is the small but spunky nine-year-old sister in the Gru family from the Despicable Me movies. Edith and her sisters are the stars following behind Felonious Gru. You can’t help but fall in love with Edith’s not-so-girly ways. Even though she wears pink on a daily basis, she is a little girl to take very seriously. You can get Edith’s look with this cosplay guide.

The best costume for Edith is made up of a Pink Striped Beanie, a pink Women’s Pullover Sweater, Seamless Tights to wear under this a Sportswear Skirt, and white Women’s Boots. Her girlish outfit doesn’t exactly match her tomboyish ways. Show her some dangerous weapons, and she will talk non-stop and be ready to play!

Edith Gru Cosplay Costumes

If you want to dress as a girl from Despicable Me who likes to play sports and be as destructive as possible, Edith is the Gru sister you will most relate to. The pieces that make up this costume are easy enough to find if you don’t already have them in your closet. Her pink ensemble is an easy look to recreate and is cheaper than some highly priced costumes. All you need is a pink beanie, a pink striped pullover sweater, a dark pink or purple skirt, and matching tights.

Edith has an obsession with weapons and other dangerous objects, so watch out! You can throw in a fake gun with your costume to add a little more of Edith’s personality into the look. Grab a couple of friends to dress up as her sisters Agnes and Margo, and you can be the Despicable Me trio. If you need any more tips, check out the cosplay photo gallery full of people who recreated Edith’s sweet and spunky look. Make sure to send us a picture of you dressed in Edith’s costume!

About Edith Gru

Characters from the movie Despicable Me including the minions were a huge hit when first released on the big screen in 2010. We all fell in love with the three little orphan girls who Gru adopted as his own children. Edith is the nine-year-old middle child of the three adopted girls and is different from her sisters because she doesn’t care too much about anything girly other than ballet.

Edith started out being quiet and reserved, but as soon as she came across Gru’s weapon collection she jumped out of her shell! Edith loves everything dangerous and enjoys to be destructive! She’ll destroy everything she can get her hands on. This personality trait of hers makes her a great fit in Gru’s family because he enjoys destroying things as well. Edith has found her perfect fit with Gru!

Edith Gru

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