How to Dress Like Eddie Munster

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Navy Long-sleeved Shirt
Navy Shorts
Styling Gel
Detachable Peter Pan Collar
Black Eyebrow Pencil
White Face Paint
Black Bow with Clip
Navy Crew Socks
Burt Plain-Toe Oxford

Best Eddie Munster Costume Guide

Played by Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster is a character on the popular CBS sitcom The Munsters. The only child of Herman Munster and Lily Munster, Eddie is a typical all-American boy. With one small exception, he’s a werewolf! Sometimes he shows signs of being part-vampire too. He attends school like a normal boy and has normal human friends. Apart from his werewolf traits such as pointed ears, an unusually large widow’s peak, and the fact that he always wears a Fauntleroy’s suit, he’s like any other kid in town. He’s often seen with his stuffed werewolf (no, not a teddy bear) who he calls Woof-Woof. Get the look of the young American werewolf boy with this Eddie Munster costume guide.

To cosplay Eddie Munster’s look, you’ll need a Navy Long-Sleeved Shirt, Navy Shorts, Navy Crew Socks, a Detachable Peter Pan Collar, Black Bow with Clip, Burt Plain-Toe Oxford shoes, Styling Gel, Black Eyebrow Pencil, and White Face Paint.

Eddie Munster Cosplay Costumes

Apart from the fact that he’s part-werewolf and somehow part-vampire, Eddie Munster is pretty much like any other young boy. He looks up to his dad as his hero and often brags about him to his friends. Cosplaying as Eddie is like cosplaying as an eccentric character from the Victorian era. His look is often characterized by a Peter Pan collar atop a navy long-sleeved undershirt, both paired with navy shorts and plain-toe Oxfords. You won’t look like a typical American boy, but you’ll definitely look like Eddie Munster. Especially if you gel your hair back, put on thick eyebrows, and paint your face white.

Go cosplaying with the whole Munster family. Let your friends or family members dress up as dad Herman Munster, mom Lily Munster, grandpa Vladimir Dracula, cousin Marilyn Munster, and uncle Charlie Munster.

Eddie Munster Costume Tips & FAQs

Step back into classic television nostalgia with our costume guide FAQ for Eddie Munster, the adorable and slightly mischievous young werewolf from the iconic show “The Munsters.” Ideal for retro-themed events, Halloween parties, or for fans of the beloved sitcom, this guide will help you recreate Eddie Munster’s unique and endearing look, capturing the essence of this classic TV character.

Eddie Munster's outfit is reminiscent of a typical schoolboy's attire from the mid-20th century but with a gothic twist. The key components include a velvet schoolboy blazer (often in dark colors like navy or black), a white dress shirt, short pants (like knickers), and high socks. His look is completed with a large bow tie and a pair of formal dress shoes.

Eddie Munster's hairstyle is quite distinctive. He has a short, neat haircut with a prominent widow's peak at the front. The widow's peak is the most important feature to recreate. This can be achieved with styling gel or temporary hair color on your natural hair, or by wearing a wig specifically styled to have this characteristic look.

A key accessory for Eddie Munster's costume is a small, stuffed toy wolf, representing his werewolf trait and his pet, Woof-Woof. Additionally, carrying a small, old-fashioned schoolboy's cap can add authenticity to the costume, complementing the retro schoolboy look.

Eddie's clothing is characterized by its vintage schoolboy style. The velvet blazer should have a formal and slightly old-fashioned look. The shorts should be just above knee-length, paired with high socks, typically in a dark color that matches the blazer. The large bow tie is often a striking color like red, providing a pop of color against the darker outfit.

Eddie Munster, being a child in the show, often displays a playful and innocent demeanor. While he doesn't have specific catchphrases, portraying a childlike curiosity and a mischievous yet endearing attitude will bring the character to life. You could use playful expressions like, "Gee, that's swell!" to mimic the language of the time period.

About Eddie Munster

Eddie Munster comes from a family of different monsters. His father, Herman Munster, is a monster similar to Frankenstein’s monster while his mother, Lily, is a vampire. The odd monster pairing makes you wonder how Eddie became mostly werewolf. Eddie’s grandpa, who is also a vampire, lives with them too, along with his cousin Beverly Owen. Beverly happens to be the only non-monster of the household, which actually makes her the family outcast. Apart from being a household full of monsters, The Munsters are actually quite typical and all-American, following common themes and stereotypes of the time (the 1960s). Herman, the father, is the head of the household and is the one who brings in the bacon while Lily, the mother, is the typical all-around housewife. Eddie, in this family, is the precocious little kid who was always making up stories about his dad to his friends – many of which his dad had to try to live up to in funny situations.

Eddie Munster

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