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Sumo Suit
Japanese Samurai Wig
Vertical Stripe White/Navy Fabric
Red Face Paint

Best E. Honda Costume Guide

Edmond Honda, who is more commonly known as E. Honda, is the sumo wrestler appearing in the Capcom video game Street Fighter II. He has the look of a classic Sumo wrestlers, and represents Japan along with Ryu! E. Honda began training as a sumo ruler as a child, destined to become the very best. As one of the eight original fighters, E. Honda has above average strength, but below average speed. Get the look of this professional sumo wrestler with this E. Honda costume guide!

To cosplay E. Honda’s costumes, you’ll want to stick to a classic Sumo style with a Sumo Suit and Japanese Samurai Wig. E. Honda wears a pair of striped shorts, but since you will be wearing a Sumo suit, grab some Vertical Stripe White/Navy Fabric and wrap it around your legs to create the look of shorts. Throw on some Red Face Paint to create the same kumadori style E. Honda wears, and you’re ready to fight!

E. Honda Cosplay Costumes

E. Honda may be a one-of-a-kind Street Fighter, but his sumo suits is destined to be very popular! And with the suit, this costume is much easier to recreate with just a few additional items needed to complete the look. The Sumo wrestler suit can be bought in a costume shop along with the Samurai wig and red face paint. The striped fabric can be bought in an arts and crafts store, but you’ll be better off buying all the costume pieces online to save you some time!

E. Honda doesn’t fight all on his own in the Street Fighter video games! You can turn this powerful look into a group cosplay by adding other characters from Street Fighter like Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Sagat, Guile, or whichever characters your friends like. Whether you decide to go out on your own or with your crew, send us a picture once you have your E. Honda costume completed!

E. Honda Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Street Fighter 2” as E. Honda, the sumo wrestling powerhouse. Our E. Honda costume guide FAQ is designed to help you replicate his iconic and robust appearance, ideal for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or any occasion where you want to bring this beloved character to life.

E. Honda's outfit is simple yet distinctive, reflecting his sumo wrestler persona. The key elements include a traditional sumo mawashi (wrestling belt), which is typically red and white. E. Honda is also known for his large, muscular physique, so using padding or muscle suits can help achieve his bulky appearance. His hair is styled in a chonmage, a traditional Japanese sumo hairstyle, which you can replicate with a wig if necessary. E. Honda's face often has kabuki-style makeup, characterized by bold, white facial paint with red accents around the eyes.

To recreate E. Honda's mawashi, you can use a large piece of red and white cloth wrapped and tied in the traditional sumo style. Ensure it’s secure and comfortable for movement. If you're unfamiliar with how to tie a mawashi, there are tutorials available online.

E. Honda is known for his large, muscular build. If you don't naturally have a similar physique, consider using a muscle suit to replicate his bulky appearance. For the chonmage hairstyle, look for a sumo wrestler wig or style a wig to resemble the chonmage, with the hair tied up on top of the head.

E. Honda's kabuki-style makeup is a defining feature. Use white face paint as the base, and add bold red paint around the eyes. His facial expression is often stern or intense, reflecting his fighting spirit.

To enhance your E. Honda portrayal, consider mimicking some of his famous moves and stances from "Street Fighter 2." Here are a few suggestions: The "Hundred Hand Slap" pose, with hands extended forward in a rapid motion, A sumo squat stance, ready for combat., The victory pose, with one fist raised triumphantly in the air., A sumo charge pose, leaning forward with one hand extended. and E. Honda's iconic fighting stance, with knees bent and hands up, ready to strike. These actions and poses capture E. Honda's sumo wrestler essence and his dynamic presence in the "Street Fighter" series, making them ideal for an authentic and engaging cosplay experience.

About E. Honda

Edmond Honda, who appears in the classic video game Street Fighter II, began his training in Sumo wrestling as a child, and his love for the fighting style only grew from there. Ever since he began his training, E. Honda focused on becoming the greatest Sumo wrestler in the world. He has a strong passion for fighting that has been a part of his heritage for years and years. While fighting, E. Honda is honorable and doesn’t steer away from the traditions of his background.

While other fighters will fight anyone that comes across their path, E. Honda will welcome people will an open hearts into his life willingly. If he meets anyone that is unkind or unworthy, that is when he chooses to fight. Even if he fights another Street Fighter with good intentions, E. Honda does not lessen himself to lose—he is too principled in Sumo wrestling to take away from the style of fighting.

E. Honda

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