How to Dress Like Dustin Henderson

Two Tone Trucker Hat
Men's Curly Wig
Waupaca Wis - Dustin T-Shirt
Stone Washed Denim Jacket
Men's Slim-Tapered Corduroy Pants
Tooth Wax
Deluxe Map Compass
Classic Denim School Backpack
Men's Redemption Basketball Shoe
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  2. Men's Curly Wig Check Price
  3. Waupaca Wis - Dustin T-Shirt Check Price
  4. Stone Washed Denim Jacket Check Price
  5. Men's Slim-Tapered Corduroy Pants Check Price
  6. Tooth Wax Check Price
  7. Deluxe Map Compass Check Price
  8. Classic Denim School Backpack Check Price
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Best Dustin Henderson Costume Guide

Play Dungeons & Dragons with your friends Lucas, Mike and Will dressed in costume as Dustin Henderson, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo, from the Netflix TV series, Stranger Things. Get Eleven to help find Will after his mysterious disappearance. Get the complete cosplay look with Men’s Curly Wig, Waupaca Wis – Dustin T-Shirt, Men’s Slim-Tapered Corduroy Pants, Stone Washed Denim Jacket, and Men’s Redemption Basketball Shoe. Get Dustin’s total outfit from Stranger Things with a Two Tone Trucker Hat, Tooth Wax, Deluxe Map Compass, and Classic Denim School Backpack.

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