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Best Drift Costume Guide

Fortnite came out in 2017 and is still just as popular as ever. This game is a battle royale game that takes fighting to the next level. There may only be a couple of starter heroes to choose from, but there are so many skins you can use to customize your character. Drift is a skin that has recently been released as part of the season 5 pass and is a great outfit to cosplay.

Drift is a legendary outfit that can be gotten as a reward from the first tear of Battle Pass Season 5. Although this skin doesn’t add any extra abilities or functions to your character, it still has multiple styles to unlock. To become this legendary fighter you will need a Black Shirt with Red Stripes, Hooded Vest, Black Pants, Fingerless Gloves, Sneakers, Drift Mask, Drift Jacket, and Rift Edge Pickaxe.

Drift Cosplay Costumes

The Drift skin costume is a legendary outfit that has six styles to unlock. By completing the weekly challenges you can upgrade Drift’s outfit until the costume is complete with a cat mask and long black and yellow coat. Whether you prefer a particular style of Drift’s or you want to go all out, you’ll be sure to be noticed with this outfit.

You probably know a bunch of people who love Fortnite as much as you, so why not give them a call? Get them to come as their favorite Fortnite skin, or have a look at some of the other costume ideas we have here at Costume Wall. Other characters like Teknique, Survival Specialist, Cuddle Team Leader, Raptor, Power Chord or Rust Lord would be great for a team of fighters! More are being added because of the popularity for the game, so keep coming back for more ideas.

Drift Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the action-packed universe of Fortnite with our Drift costume guide FAQ. Drift, a popular character from the Fortnite game, is known for his unique and evolving appearance, which changes as players progress through the game’s levels. This guide is crafted to assist you in recreating Drift’s iconic look at his final stage, answering your questions about assembling a costume that captures the essence of this dynamic character.

Drift's final stage costume is characterized by its detailed and vibrant design. It includes a white and gold mask with a kitsune (fox) design, a black robe with gold and pink accents, a black and pink hooded vest, and white gloves. The outfit is completed with black pants and combat boots, along with a gold and pink sash that ties around the waist.

Drift's mask is a crucial element of his look. You can purchase a replica of the kitsune mask, or make one using a plain white mask as a base and painting it with gold and pink details to match Drift's design. Ensure the mask is comfortable to wear and provides good visibility.

For Drift's clothing, start with a black robe or a long-sleeved black shirt as the base. Add a black and pink hooded vest over it. The vest should be detailed with gold and pink designs to mimic Drift's style. Wear black pants that are comfortable for movement and pair them with black combat boots.

Accessorize the costume with a gold and pink sash that ties around the waist, similar to Drift's in-game appearance. Add white gloves to complete the look. You can also carry props like a toy rifle or a pickaxe to mimic Drift's gear in Fortnite.

While Drift doesn't have specific quotes or catchphrases from Fortnite, you can use phrases that fit the theme of the game to enhance your costume. Here are some suggestions: "Ready to catch the Victory Royale!," "Let's drift into the eye of the storm.," "Building for the win!," "On the hunt for loot llamas." and "Surviving the battle bus drop." These phrases capture the spirit of Fortnite and the adventurous, competitive nature of Drift's character, making them great additions to a Drift cosplay or costume.

About Drift

Fortnite is a game made by Epic Games that was initially released in 2017. It is the ultimate battle royale survival game and has expanded into many different gameplay, characters, and skins. This online co-operative battle drops you and 100 other players onto an island where you must fend for yourself. You have to find items, upgrade tools, unlock new skins, collect resources and try and learn the maps as fast as you can. The last man standing is the champion, so no one is safe when playing Fortnite.

No one would have guessed this game would have taken off as fast as it did, but it now has over 200 million registered players. The biggest part of the gameplay that makes Fortnite stand out is its building element. Players can build defenses, forts, and hideouts while hunting for other players. With the ever-expanding gameplay, skins, and weapons, there is always something new to cosplay as within the Fortnite world.


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