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Drax the Destroyer Costume Guide
Drax The Destroyer Costume
Drax the Destroyer Dagger
Spandex Gloves
Black Studded Leather Belt
Poly Tool Holder
Concrete Kneepads
Black Leather Pants
Buckle Boot

Best Drax the Destroyer Costume Guide

Drax is a superhuman mutant created by Marvel Comics and then worked his way into the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers movie franchise. His character can project energy blasts from his hands. He comes off as strong and vengeful, and that’s because he is! You can look just like Drax the Destroyer by following this complete cosplay guide.

Look like this Marvel superhero with a Drax The Destroyer Costume, Black Leather Pants, Black Studded Leather Belt, Poly Tool Holder, Concrete Kneepads, and a pair of Buckle Boots. Just add a Drax the Destroyer Dagger and a pair of Spandex Gloves. This guy isn’t someone you want to mess with on one of his bad days.

Drax the Destroyer Cosplay Costumes

Sometimes you just want to dress like the biggest and baddest guy in the room. Dressing like Drax the Destroyer is a great way to accomplish that goal! Recreating his costume isn’t the easiest to achieve, but we have found all the best pieces for you to put this outfit together like a breeze!

Start recreating this unmistakable look with the Drax costume. The details are awesome on this thing! Next, you’ll want some black pants, leather preferably, and a black studded belt for a tougher look. Add a pair of gray spandex gloves and some concrete knee pads over your pants. Lastly, get a pair of high buckle boots. To sell the cosplay look, you can bring a Drax dagger to carry around. Follow this cosplay guide, and you will officially be the scariest guy on the street! Check out the cosplay gallery of Drax pictures for some helpful tips for your costume!

Drax the Destroyer Costume Tips & FAQs

Uncover helpful Drax the Destroyer Costume Guide FAQ with all the necessary information for dressing up as the fearsome and literal-minded warrior from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Drax.

To dress like Drax, you'll need a pair of dark red or burgundy pants and a matching loincloth or waist sash. Drax doesn't wear a shirt, so be prepared to go shirtless for an authentic look. You can also wear a pair of dark boots or shoes to complete the outfit.

Drax has grayish-green skin with red, intricate tattoos all over his body. You can use water-based body paint or makeup to achieve the skin tone, applying it evenly to all exposed skin, including your face, neck, and arms. For the tattoos, you can either draw them on with body paint or use temporary tattoo paper to create custom decals.

Drax is bald, so if you already have a shaved head, you're all set. If not, you can use a bald cap to achieve the same effect. Be sure to blend the edges of the bald cap into your skin using makeup for a more seamless look.

Drax is known for his literal-mindedness and deadpan humor, with memorable quotes such as "Nothing goes over my head! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it," "I have famously huge turds," and "Why would I put my finger on his throat?"

Drax's weapons of choice are a pair of dual knives. You can find replica knives online, or create your own using foam, cardboard, or plastic. Be sure to paint them silver with black accents to match Drax's weapons in the movies. Remember to follow any guidelines or rules about prop weapons at events where you plan to wear your costume.

About Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer began his life as a human, but after dying in a horrible accident, he was brought back to life and formed into a superhuman. He decided to use this superhuman strength to seek revenge on the one who killed his family—Ronan. Drax is a strong man with superhuman strength, and he wants to use his unique abilities to do whatever it takes to defeat Ronan once and for all.

Drax is a character featured in both the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and the superhero franchise The Avengers. He is a large man with a terrifying look. But, even though Drax looks like a beast, Ronan is the strongest being in the galaxy. And he isn’t going to back down from a fight easily. The one thing that Drax has against Ronan is the love he had for his family which fuels him to avenge his loved ones.

Drax the Destroyer

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