How to Dress Like Dr. Lipschitz

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Burgundy Sport Coat
Grey Goatee
Grey Mustache
Old Man Wig
Columbia Brown Belt
Round Yellow Glasses
Solid Teal Green Tie
Blue Dress Pants
Van Heusen White Dress Shirt
Gold Tie Clip
Docker's Brown Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Best Dr. Lipschitz Costume Guide

If you’re looking to dust off a 90’s character to cosplay at your next convention, we highly recommend Dr. Lipschitz from Nickelodeon’s cartoon Rugrats. With hair that closely resembles Krusty the Clown or Bozo the Clown, Dr. Lipschitz’s costume can be a lot of fun. Follow this costume guide to find out how to all the items for this look.

Start with a pair of Round Yellow Glasses. Then, emulate his signature hairstyle with an Old Man Wig, Grey Mustache, and Grey Goatee. Wear a Burgundy Sports Coat over a Van Heusen White Dress Shirt with a Solid Teal Green Tie and Gold Tie Clip. Cap off Dr. Lipschitz’s look with Blue Dress Pants with a Columbia Brown Belt and a pair of Brown Wingtip Oxford Shoes.

Dr. Lipschitz Cosplay Costumes

Dr. Lipschitz’s from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats look from the waist up is critical. What you wear for pants or shoes isn’t really that big of a deal, though, we would suggest slacks and dress shoes. His hair is probably what stands out the most. Think Krusty the Clown. His puffy hair and dated facial hair can be replicated with items from a costume shop online.

The rest of Dr. Lipschitz’s outfit can be found either in your closet or thrift store. It consists of a white collared shirt, blue tie, and burgundy sports coat. Accessorize with yellow, circle rimmed glasses which can be easily found online! For group cosplay, you can include the Rugrats themselves, Tommy, Chuckie Finster, Angelica, and the twins Phil and Lil. We welcome your cosplay photo submissions of Dr. Lipschitz’s look!

Dr. Lipschitz Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the role of the wise yet quirky Dr. Lipschitz from the beloved animated series “Rugrats” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. As the often-referenced child psychologist, Dr. Lipschitz is known for his influence on the parents in the series, particularly his eccentric advice on child-rearing. This guide will help you capture the essence of his character, from his distinctive attire to his iconic accessories, ensuring a nostalgic and humorous portrayal.

Dr. Lipschitz's outfit is that of a typical professional, yet with a slightly eccentric twist befitting his character. It typically includes a suit, often in a light color like beige or pale blue, with a slightly oversized look. Pair this with a plain or lightly patterned dress shirt and a contrasting tie. His attire is completed with dress shoes and possibly a lab coat, reflecting his status as a respected (if somewhat unconventional) psychologist.

Dr. Lipschitz has a distinct, somewhat exaggerated appearance. He has a balding head with hair on the sides and back, so a bald cap with some hair on the sides or a partial wig would be ideal. He also has a prominent mustache, so a fake mustache, preferably bushy and in a gray or white tone, will help capture his look. Don't forget to add round glasses to complete the facial features.

Essential accessories for Dr. Lipschitz include a pair of round glasses, which are a staple for his character. You might also carry a clipboard or a book to represent his role as an expert in child psychology. These accessories add to the authenticity of the character and his scholarly demeanor.

Dr. Lipschitz is known for his elaborate and often humorous child-rearing advice. Mimic his confident yet slightly oblivious demeanor. As for quotes, you might use some of his notable lines or make up your own "Lipschitz-style" advice. For example, "Remember, it's not the children who are wrong; it's always the parents!" or "In the world of child psychology, there are no absolutes, only maybes!"

While Dr. Lipschitz is more often referenced than seen, his advice permeates the show. Incorporate phrases like, "In the complex world of infantile behavior..." or "As I always say..." followed by humorous, exaggerated advice on parenting or child psychology. These types of quotes will resonate with fans of "Rugrats" and enhance your portrayal of this quirky character.

About Dr. Lipschitz

Beloved child psychologist, Dr. Werner P. Lipschitz, is an advertising powerhouse. Readily available for parents troubled by their children’s behavior, he can be reached via phone, online, or at the hospital. He also has a book and video series. While his advice seems misinformed and sometimes downright ridiculous, Chaz and Didi from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats often seek his advice.

To everyone else, Dr. Lipschitz is a free loader who only cares about making money. He often takes advantage of his fan’s hospitality by using their homes like a hotel. He also borrows things from around the house to make himself even more comfortable. Inept as he is, there does come a point when he finds his practices basically useless and does work to improve them, but he never loses his drive to make money.

Dr. Lipschitz

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