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Dr. Evil Costume Guide
Bald Cap Complete Kit
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Dr. Evil Costume
Plush White Persian Cat
White Oxford Shoes

Best Dr. Evil Halloween Costume Guide

We all remember when the infamous Dr. Evil made his debut in the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery  released in 1997. Dr. Evil returned for subsequent Austin Powers films and has never quite left our minds since then. His character may have been evil, but his hilarious plans and punch lines kept us laughing so hard that our stomachs ached.

Get the unforgettable look of Dr. Evil with this complete cosplay guide. Get the costume with a Bald Cap Complete Kit, Grey Eyebrow Pencil, Modeling/Scar Wax, Silver Pyramid Band, a Dr. Evil Costume, White Oxford Shoes, and a White Persian Cat.

Dr. Evil Cosplay Costumes

Why not dress as a comical character for your next cosplay convention? Forget the most popular and dramatic costumes, it’s time for a hilarious costume! The ultimate comedic character has to be Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, and we can help you recreate his look to get some laughs by following just a few steps!

Start recreating Dr. Evil’s look with a bald wig kit to hide your hair, unless you’re so committed to shave it all off! For your face, get a scar creating kit to make a fake scar running down your face and a gray eyebrow pencil to match Dr. Evil’s facial features. Most importantly, you will want to wear his signature grey suit that he sports in the all the Austin Powers movies. Add a pair of white oxford shoes and a white stuffed cat toy to mirror only true companion, Mr. Bigglesworth. If you need any more pointers, check out the cosplay gallery we have of Dr. Evil costumes. Send us a picture of you costume when you have it completed!

About Dr. Evil

The Austin Powers films would be incomplete without the hilarious villain, Dr. Evil. Played by Mike Myers, who also plays the main character Austin Powers, Dr. Evil keeps us laughing throughout all the films. We learned a lot about Dr. Evil along the way, much of it being information we wish we didn’t know including the fact that his mother was a prostitute. But he also went to evil medical school and is undoubtedly a genius—scarily, so. Dr. Evil plans to destroy the entire world and bring down Austin Powers in the process.

He was raised by Belgians and it was later revealed in the movie that his real name is Dougie Powers, which makes him the twin of Austin Powers! They were separated at birth and they did not know this until after attempting to kill each other numerous times! Mike Myers created this hilarious character that we all couldn’t help but love.

Dr. Evil

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