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Best Dr. Phillip Decker Costume Guide

Dr. Phillip K. Decker is a psychopathic serial killer appearing in the horror movie Nightbreed that debuted in 1990. When released, Nightbreed was considered a complete box office failure but has since had a cult following. The psychotherapist Dr. Decker, played by actor David Cronenberg, is a serial killer that convinces his patient Aaron Boone to turn himself for the murders that he has committed. Get the look of the frightening killer with this Dr. Decker costume guide.

To cosplay Dr. Decker from Nightbreed you’ll need to pretend to be an upstanding member of society by wearing a freshly pressed Pin Striped Slim Fit Dress Shirt with a Classic Fit Stylish Suit. Add a Tie, slip on a Men’s Trench Coat, and wear a pair of Oxford Dress Shoes. Then transform into the killer by putting on a Dr. Decker Mask, wearing Cut Resistant Gloves, and equipping yourself with a Butcher Knife.


Dr. Phillip Decker Cosplay Costumes

The psychotherapist Dr. Phillip Decker kills for fun and knows how to cover his tracks by blaming unsuspecting victims like his patients. The actor David Cronenberg had an unsuspecting look in the movie as a seemingly upright doctor, but once that creepy mask goes his look is completely transformed.

Dressing up as a serial killer can be fun, but bigger is better when it comes to scaring people by dressing up as a murderous psychopath. Ask your friends to join you in this crazy cosplay of yours. Tell them to dress up as their own favorite serial killer and murderers from their favorite horror movie. Your friends can dress up as Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, and Twisty The Clown from the movie, It. Once you’ve dressed up as a terrifying serial killer be sure to submit a picture to inspire and scare others in the costume gallery.

Dr. Phillip Decker Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the dark and enigmatic world of Dr. Decker from “Night Breed” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Dr. Decker, a complex and sinister character, is known for his distinctive mask and chilling presence. This section aims to help you recreate Dr. Decker’s ominous appearance, focusing on his iconic mask, tailored suit, and the menacing aura that he embodies. Perfect for horror enthusiasts and fans of the film, this guide covers the crucial elements needed to bring this character to life.

Dr. Decker's costume is defined by a few key elements. The most crucial is his unique button-eyed mask, which is both eerie and iconic. Along with the mask, Decker wears a dark, tailored suit, typically in black or dark grey, a crisp white dress shirt, a dark tie, and a trench coat. His look is refined yet menacing, reflecting his dual nature in the film.

The mask is a central aspect of Dr. Decker's character. To recreate it, look for a plain mask that covers the entire face and modify it by attaching large, black buttons for eyes and a zipper for the mouth. The mask should be flesh-colored and fit snugly around the contours of your face. If you're crafty, you can make the mask from scratch using materials like latex or leather.

Dr. Decker's attire is that of a classic, well-dressed man. Opt for a dark (black or dark grey) tailored suit with a modern, slim fit. Pair it with a white dress shirt and a dark, unassuming tie. The trench coat should be long, in a matching dark color, and worn over the suit to enhance the mysterious and intimidating vibe of the character.

Dr. Decker's appearance under the mask is quite ordinary, which contrasts with his horrifying masked persona. Style your hair in a neat, professional manner, and keep makeup minimal to a clean, well-groomed look. The focus should be on the mask, so the rest of your appearance should be understated.

Dr. Decker's character is more about his chilling presence than specific quotes. However, embodying his character involves portraying a sense of sinister calmness and intelligence. His interactions are often cold, calculated, and unnerving. Focus on your body language and demeanor to convey a sense of hidden menace and duality that defines Dr. Decker.

About Dr. Phillip Decker

Dr. Phillip Decker is the main horrifying character from the 1990’s horror movie Nightbreed. In it, Dr. Decker is portrayed by actor David Cronenberg. Dr. Phillip Decker is a psychotherapist in public and a serial killer in private that systematically murders people. This is shown at the very start of the movie. Dr. Decker wears a haunting mask with buttons for eyes and a zipper for a mouth.

In society, he maintains his appearance of a psychotherapist. He’s a serial killer giving mentally unstable patients advice. Dr. Decker’s position doesn’t get any more terrifying (and ironic) than this. One of his patients, Aaron Boone seeks the help of Dr. Decker. But instead of helping him, Dr. Decker convinces Boone that he is a serial killer. Dr. Decker’s motive is to get Boone to take the blame for Decker’s own murders so he can escape the consequences.

Dr. Phillip Decker

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