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Best Dorothy Gale Costume Guide

Looking like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz is just about as easy as clicking a pair of ruby slippers together. Get Dorothy’s look to journey “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on your way back home to Kansas from the land of Oz. Dress just like the star of this iconic film with a Dorothy Wig, Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress, Vintage Ruffle Ankle Sock, and Ruby Slippers. Bring along Toto with Basket to complete the costume even if aren’t from Kansas!

Dorothy Gale Cosplay Costumes

Dorothy Gale, the protagonist in L. Frank Baum’s classic book “The Wizard of Oz,” was brought to life on the silver screen by Judy Garland in 1939. Nominated for six Academy Awards, “The Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy became pop culture icons. Dorothy Gale’s outfit is a fun and easy costume to put together, which makes it perfect for beginning and veteran cosplayers alike. Dorothy’s blue checkered dress can be purchased online along with your very own pair of ruby slippers. Throw in a basket and a little stuffed Toto and you’ll be ready to head down the Yellow Brick Road! Make your costume a group effort by inviting your friends to dress like the Scarecrow, Tinman, or the Cowardly Lion.

Dorothy Gale Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the magical and nostalgic world of Dorothy Gale from “The Wizard of Oz” with our enchanting costume guide FAQ. Perfect for fans looking to bring to life one of cinema’s most beloved characters, this guide will help you recreate Dorothy’s iconic Kansas-girl-gone-to-Oz look, complete with all the charm and wonder of the classic film.

Dorothy's outfit is timeless and instantly recognizable. The key component is her blue and white gingham dress, which features a fitted bodice, puffed sleeves, and a knee-length skirt. Underneath, she wears a white blouse with a high collar and blue trim. The most iconic part of her ensemble is, of course, the ruby red slippers. Her hair is styled in two braided pigtails adorned with blue ribbons.

The ruby slippers are a central part of Dorothy's costume. You can either buy a replica or transform a pair of basic red shoes with red glitter and sequins. Make sure they are comfortable, as Dorothy does a lot of walking along the Yellow Brick Road!

Dorothy's hair is styled in two braided pigtails tied with blue ribbons. If your hair is long enough, you can easily replicate this. For makeup, keep it simple and natural, reflecting Dorothy's youthful innocence. A light blush and neutral lipstick will complement the look.

Besides the ruby slippers, consider carrying a small wicker basket to represent the one Dorothy carries Toto in. If possible, include a stuffed dog to represent Toto, her faithful companion. These accessories will complete the classic Dorothy look.

Including some of Dorothy's quotes can add an authentic touch to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.," "There's no place like home.," "Oh, Lion, I'm so glad to see you!," "We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!" and "How do you talk if you don't have a brain?." These quotes capture Dorothy's innocence, her longing for home, and her journey through the magical land of Oz.

About Dorothy Gale

Caught in a deadly twister on her farm in Kansas, Dorothy finds herself transported to the magical land of Oz. Dorothy is kind and genuine, and she easily makes friends with Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion as they all journey to see the Wizard in the Emerald City. Even though Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas, she also wants to help her new friends achieve their dreams. While on their journey, Dorothy courageously defeats the Wicked Witch of the West and saves Oz.

Dorothy Gale

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