How to Dress Like Donald Trump

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Make America Great Again Hat
Nautica Two-Button Suit Jacket
Donald "Imitator" Wig
USA Flag Lapel Pin
Trump for President Bumper Stickers
Wembley Solid Red Satin Tie
Nautica Double-Pleat Suit Separate Pants
Van Heusen Wrinkle Free Fitted Shirt

Best Donald Trump Costume Guide

Dress up like Donald Trump, the real estate developer, television personality, and 2016 candidate for President of the United States. Don’t get fired by trying to impersonate Donald without the genuine look. Look like Trump with a White Van Heusen Wrinkle Free Fitted Shirt, Nautica Two-Button Navy Blue Suit Jacket, Nautica Double-Pleat Suit, Navy Blue Separate Pants, Wembley Solid Red Satin Tie, and the Donald “Imitator” Wig. Get ready for the presidential campaign trail with a USA Flag Lapel Pin, Make America Great Again Hat, and Trump for President Bumper Stickers.

Donald Trump Cosplay Costumes

Make America great again and cosplay as Donald Trump at your next convention. You’ll be the most powerful person in the room wearing a snazzy suit and an American flag pin. Don’t forget your wig — Trump’s signature blonde comb-over is a must if you want to look truly presidential.

If you want to make friends (and maybe some enemies), bring some “Trump 2016” stickers to hand out to the crowd. You’ll look like you came straight from a Trump rally wearing your “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. Get someone to cosplay as Melania Trump with you and no one will question your head-of-state status. Check out these cosplayers that rocked the ballot with their Donald Trump costumes.

Donald Trump Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a transformation into the world of high-powered business with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Perfect for those aiming to embody the quintessential business mogul, our guide addresses your most pressing questions about replicating this distinctive and influential style.

The typical attire of a high-profile business figure includes a well-tailored suit, preferably in classic colors like navy blue, charcoal grey, or black. A crisp white dress shirt, a conservative silk tie, and polished dress shoes complete the look. Accessories like a luxury watch and a briefcase can add an extra touch of authenticity.

Opt for a suit that is impeccably tailored to your body. Business moguls often wear suits that are custom-made, but a well-fitted off-the-rack suit can also work. Pay attention to details like the lapel width, button stance, and trouser break to ensure a sharp, professional appearance.

A classic white dress shirt is a must. Pair it with a bold, yet tasteful silk tie – think solid colors, subtle stripes, or understated patterns. The tie should be tied in a neat, symmetrical knot, like a Windsor or Half-Windsor.

A neat, professional hairstyle is key. Think short on the sides and slightly longer on top, well-groomed and styled with a side part. Facial hair should be either cleanly shaven or meticulously trimmed to maintain a polished look.

Using appropriate lingo can add depth to your portrayal of a business tycoon. Consider phrases like: "Let's make a deal.," "Time is money.," "You're fired!," "It's not personal, it's just business." and "Success is the best revenge." These phrases reflect the decisive, competitive nature of a business mogul and can be a fun addition to your character portrayal at events or parties.

About Donald Trump

A real-estate tycoon turned reality star turned U.S. President; Donald Trump is regarded by many as the epitome of success. Donald Trump was mostly known for his real estate business and reality TV show “The Apprentice,” before he made a long-shot bid for the White House. Trump surprised many by propelling his way through a crowded pool of established politicians and clinching the Republican nomination for president.

Donald Trump announced his presidential bid at his famous Trump Tower in New York City, where he also debuted his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” After a long and contentious election in which he faced off with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump went on to win the electoral college votes needed to secure his place in the Oval Office. Despite his electoral college victory, Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He is the oldest and wealthiest person to be elected president in the history of the United States.

Donald Trump

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