How to Dress Like Domino

Female Movies
Zip Front Motorcycle Leather Vest
Curly Afro Female Wig
White Face Paint
Women's Engineer Boot
Black Leather Pants
Leather Fingerless Gloves
Tactical Belt
Tactical Vertical Shoulder Holster

Best Domino Costume Guide

Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, is a mutant who has the ability to initiate powerful telekinetic acts. Though not exactly the most well known Marvel superhero or villain, she grew in popularity after appearing in the Deadpool movie. She’s an awesome fighter who is trained in both armed and unarmed combat techniques. So, it makes total sense why you would want to cosplay as Domino this year. There’s almost nothing she can’t do and she proves it with her incredible fighting skills and her telekinetic powers. She is a force to be reckoned with. Sway the odds in your favor with this Domino costume guide.

Cosplay the relatively unfamiliar Marvel character with a curly Afro female wig, white face paint, a zip front motorcycle leather vest, black leather pants, leather fingerless gloves, a tactical vertical shoulder holster, a tactical belt, and women’s engineer boots.

Domino Cosplay Costumes

Domino’s costume is a healthy mix of tactical and style. You can suit up like Domino in all leather gear along with her necessary tactical accessories. Similar to Deadpool, Domino is an assassin with a bit of sarcastic wit. She isn’t afraid to use either her advanced fighting techniques or mutant skills to destroy her foes. The all black leather gear should be easy enough to track down as well as the tactical gear. When in your Domino gear, add a ring around your eye with white makeup.

Neena Thurman is a pretty awesome character to cosplay as she is a lesser known Marvel mercenary that is a part of X-Force, a superhero team that is an offshoot of the X-Men. Along with Deadpool, you can join up to cosplay with fellow members of X-Force including Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Vanisher, Zeitgeist, and Peter.

Domino Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the action-packed world of “Deadpool” with our Domino costume guide FAQ, inspired by her appearance in the film. Ideal for fans of the movie or anyone looking to channel the cool, confident aura of this luck-manipulating mutant, this guide covers everything you need to create Domino’s distinctive look. From her tactical outfit to her iconic eye mark, we provide answers to the most common questions about crafting a Domino costume that’s as stylish as it is formidable.

Domino's outfit in the "Deadpool" movie is both tactical and stylish. Key elements include a fitted black leather or tactical vest, a long-sleeve black top underneath, tight black pants, and combat boots. Her look is accented with a tactical belt, holsters, and possibly a shoulder harness for weapons. The defining feature of her appearance is the black patch around her left eye, contrasting with her otherwise fair skin and afro-textured hair.

Domino's eye mark is a vital part of her look and can be replicated with black face paint or makeup. The patch should be matte and extend from just above her eyebrow to the upper cheek, covering the eyelid. It should be shaped somewhat like a teardrop or an inverted, asymmetrical heart.

For Domino's costume, opt for a fitted black leather or tactical vest, paired with a long-sleeve black shirt. The pants should be black, fitted, and suitable for combat – think along the lines of tactical or motorcycle pants. Finish the outfit with a pair of sturdy black combat boots.

Essential accessories for a Domino costume include a tactical belt with pouches and holsters for her weapons. If possible, include prop firearms to fit in the holsters. You may also add a shoulder harness or body armor to enhance the tactical look. Gloves can be a nice addition, especially fingerless or tactical gloves.

Domino's character in "Deadpool" is known for her wit and confidence. Some memorable quotes include: "Luck isn't a superpower.," "It's certainly not very cinematic.," "I'm lucky. That's my superpower. It's why I'm alive.," "Yeah, that's not a superpower." and "I should have finished college." Incorporating these quotes can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal, capturing Domino's cool demeanor and her belief in her own luck-based abilities.

About Domino

Neena Thurman was a child born to the US government project known as Project-Armageddon. They were trying to create the perfect weapon using a mutant name Beatrice. Neena happened to be one of the two survivors from the entire experiment. The Beatrice cult stole her away and delivered her to a Chicago priest until her mutant powers grew in strength.

One of the more interesting powers that Domino has is the ability to create random telekinetic acts which generally works out in her favor. These work by making improbable, but not impossible things happen to her so that she can have good luck and her opponents, in turn, have bad luck. It is unconsciously controlled and it can usually only be triggered when she’s in a stressful situation. She eventually paved a career path in many fields including covert activity and work as an agent in government, but also as a freelance mercenary.


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