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Dolores Abernathy Costume Guide
Brown Cowboy Hat
Sky Blue Bandana
Blue/White Stripe Shirt
Brown Belt with Gold Square Buckle
Full Dolores Abernathy Dress Costume
Toy Pistols with Holster
Grey Skinny Jeans
Brown Leather Boots

Best Dolores Abernathy Halloween Costume Guide

The story of Westworld debuted in the 1973 film that was written and directed by Michael Crichton. The HBO Westworld television show released in 2016 is a complete recreation of the fictional world. Dolores Abernathy, one of the main characters, is the oldest host still working in the park. Every episode shows Dolores uncovering more details about her life that is an elaborately constructed lie. She may be a small town girl living on a ranch in a Wild West–themed amusement park, but that doesn’t stop her from seeking the truth. Follow this costume guide to get Dolores Abernathy’s look as a farm girl look and as she enters Pariah.

Cosplay Dolores as she enters Pariah with a Brown Cowboy Hat, Sky Blue Bandana, Blue/White Stripe Shirt, Brown Belt with a Gold Square Buckle, Grey Skinny Jeans, Brown Leather Boots, and Toy Pistols with Holsters. You can also cosplay Dolores’ look as a host with a Full Dolores Abernathy Dress Costume.

Dolores Abernathy Cosplay Costumes

Characters from the HBO hit show Westworld is quickly becoming a hit in the cosplay world, and dressing up as the host Dolores Abernathy is a blast. Both of Dolores’ looks from the show are easy to recreate. With just a few items and a little bit of time, you can follow this costume guide to put together a great look for your next cosplay convention!

If you don’t want to wear the Dolores Abernathy Dress Costume to get her basic host outfit, you may want her new look before entering Pariah. To get that, start recreating Dolores’ look with a brown cowboy hat and a sky blue bandana. Grab a basic blue and white stripe button up and a pair of gray skinny jeans. Throw on a brown belt with a sizable gold square buckle and a pair of brown leather boots. Add a gun holster with toy pistols and you’re all done! Join other Westworld characters like Bernard Lowe or The Man in Black to cosplay as a group. Submit a picture of your western cosplay for the cosplay gallery!

About Dolores Abernathy

Dolores Abernathy, Evan Rachel Wood, is the oldest host on the HBO television show Westworld. Over the years, she has been reprogrammed over and over again. Dolores is known as the good and kind one, and in the beginning, it is made evident that she loves her family very much. While riding out in the pastures, Dolores discovers Teddy and the two become lovers. The two ride into town together to meet her family, on her recurring narrative, and Dolores watches Teddy and her parents get shot to their deaths.

Teddy, Dolores, and her parents are reprogrammed to remember nothing of the previous narrative. As Westworld unfolds, events have changed and Dolores meets with the Man in Black, portrayed by Ed Harris. While Dolores is known as the good girl, she is slowly realizing her life isn’t real and that she is being controlled. Dolores soon takes her life into her own hands.

Dolores Abernathy

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