How to Dress Like Doctor Poison

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Open Face Hood Mask
Long Brown Apron
Mad Scientist Lab Coat
Steampunk Goggles
Gloss Almond Spray Paint
White Mask (Cut)
Brown Boots
Old Notebook

Best Doctor Poison Costume Guide

Doctor Poison is the recurring villain that appears in the DC Comics publications of Wonder Woman. In the 2017 movie, Wonder Woman, Doctor Poison takes on the identity of Isabel Maru a Spanish chemist recruited to make chemical weapons for the German army. One of the key parts to her look is a ceramic mask that she typically wears. She wears this because of a disfigurement Isabel tries to hide whenever possible. Dr. Maru, played by Elena Anaya, is one of the strongest villains ever created by DC comics. Get the look of the Wonder Woman arch-enemy with this Doctor Poison costume guide.

Cosplay Doctor Poison with a white lab coat and open face hooded mask in order to get the look started. You’ll then need a long brown apron, steampunk goggles, brown boots, a white mask and, gloss almond spray to touch up the mask for just the right look.

Doctor Poison Cosplay Costumes

Because Doctor Poison is not as famously known as other villains appearing in the DC Comics universe, but she is one of the most powerful. Her purpose in life is to kill as many people as possible. You may be finding it a bit difficult coming up with an idea for a group cosplay that incorporates her, but keep in mind that she is the reoccurring villain in the Wonder Woman franchise. Find someone willing to recreate Wonder Woman’s look so the two of you can go head-to-head.

Isabel Maru, better known as Dr. Poison, always has the look of just having stepped out of a chemist’s lab. You can get the same look with a few key items found in the costume guide like a lab coat, apron, mask, and goggles. Whatever pieces you come up with for your costume, we’d love to see how creative you can get with it! Send a few photos of your creation so we can feature them on Costume Wall. If Doctor Poison isn’t for you, check out the best villain costume guides for more inspiration.

Doctor Poison Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intriguing world of espionage and scientific villainy with our costume guide FAQ for Doctor Poison, a key antagonist from the “Wonder Woman” film. Known for her genius in chemistry and her creation of deadly substances, Doctor Poison’s outfit reflects her role as a sinister scientist during World War I. This guide will help you capture the essence of her character, perfect for fans who want to embody a unique and formidable presence from the “Wonder Woman” universe.

Doctor Poison, portrayed by Elena Anaya, has a distinctive look that combines elements of a WWI-era scientist with a touch of menacing elegance. Her outfit typically includes a long, dark coat, often leather, worn over a high-collared, long-sleeved blouse. She wears a skirt or trousers that match the period's style, along with practical boots. A key feature of her appearance is the ceramic mask she wears to cover the left side of her face, which is disfigured. Her hair is styled in a simple updo, characteristic of the time period.

To replicate Doctor Poison's mask, you can create a half-face mask using materials like ceramic-effect clay or craft a faux version from painted plastic or stiff fabric. The mask should cover the left side of your face, extending from the cheek to the forehead. For her attire, look for a long, dark coat reminiscent of the early 20th century, paired with a high-collared blouse. The skirt or trousers should be conservative and of a similar era. Vintage or replica clothing from the WWI period can help achieve an authentic look.

Doctor Poison's footwear consists of practical, dark-colored boots suitable for a wartime setting. For accessories, consider wearing dark gloves and carrying props that resemble scientific paraphernalia, such as vials or a notebook, to emphasize her role as a chemist. These elements should reflect her sinister and intellectual persona.

Key details for Doctor Poison's costume include ensuring the mask's fit and appearance are accurate, as it is a defining aspect of her character. Also, incorporate subtle details in your attire that reflect the WWI era, such as period-appropriate buttons or a brooch. These elements contribute to the authenticity of the character's portrayal as a scientist from the early 20th century.

To enhance your portrayal of Doctor Poison, consider adopting her calm yet menacing demeanor. Memorable quotes like, "The war to end all wars will be fought with my formulas," capture her dedication to her sinister craft. Emphasizing her intellectual prowess, her subtle yet distinct presence, and her dedication to her cause will add depth to your cosplay. Doctor Poison is a character defined by her brilliant yet twisted mind, making her a compelling and unique villain in the "Wonder Woman" universe.

About Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison, portrayed by Elena Anaya, is the villain appearing in the 2017 DC Comics film, Wonder Woman. Isabel Maru, the Spanish chemist that she identifies as is recruited by General Erich Ludendorff to help create deadly chemical weapons. The DC Comics comic books show that she appears during World War II,  but the 2017 movie takes place during World War I.

Diana becomes alerted to the war and Isabel’s plan after Steve Trevor steals one of her medical books. Isabel’s book detailed how her new chemical weapons would render any gas mask useless. Wonder Woman has a choice to kill Doctor Poison due to involvement in the war, but what does she choose to do? Well, you’ll have to watch Wonder Woman in order to find out what happens to Doctor Poison.



Doctor Poison

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