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Once a heavyweight champion, Jerome “Doc” Louis is now Little Mac’s coach. Shown in the NES and Wii versions of the video game series, Punch-Out!!, Doc is involved in Mac’s training and matches as he fights throughout the World Video Boxing Association circuits. Doc also invented the Star Punch which is also Mac’s strongest move. While you may not be a previous heavyweight champion, you can still dress just like one this Halloween. Get the look of the boxer turned trainer with this Doc Louis costume guide.

Cosplay Doc Louis with a Men’s White Shirt, Men’s Pivot Jacket, Men’s Blue Joggers, Adidas Sneakers and to finish off the look, you’ll want to grab a white towel to toss around your neck. Once you get the look of Doc down, you’ll be able to coach your own boxer to bring him to the top!

Doc Louis Cosplay Costumes

When you choose this trainer’s costume, it’s not enough to wear the clothes that Doc Louis typically wears in the ring. You also have to incorporate Doc’s personality to better recreate the character from Punch-Out!! on Nintendo game systems. Doc was a famous heavyweight champion that has a determined mindset that you can get ahold of before you get creative with the costume. If you already have that mindset down and you’re ready to put together the look, start finding all the items you need to put the look together. Luck for you, it should be pretty easy to do.

The majority of the clothes you need can be found in your closet or a local sports store near you. Once you have the look down, you’ll be able to recreate the iconic scenes of the video game with a friend dressed as the boxer Little Mac! We’d love to see the costume you come up with so, send over a few photos of your awesome costume!

Doc Louis Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the ring with our costume guide FAQ for Doc Louis, the beloved and charismatic coach from the video game series “Punch-Out!!” Known for his wisdom, encouragement, and iconic look, Doc Louis is a memorable character who supports the main boxer, Little Mac, throughout his journey. This guide will help you recreate Doc Louis’s distinctive style, perfect for fans who appreciate his role as a mentor and trainer in the world of boxing.

Doc Louis's costume reflects his role as a seasoned boxing coach. Key elements include a white or light-colored sweatshirt or hoodie, often with a "World Video Boxing Association" (WVBA) logo or similar design. He also wears dark athletic pants, a towel around his neck, and a pair of athletic shoes, typically in a classic, old-school style. Doc Louis is also known for his mustache and bald head, which are distinctive features of his character.

To replicate Doc Louis's look, if you're not naturally bald, consider using a bald cap to mimic his hairless head. His mustache is thick and prominent, so either grow and groom your mustache to match or use a fake mustache that closely resembles his style. The mustache should be well-defined and neatly trimmed to capture his tidy appearance.

Essential accessories for a Doc Louis costume include a towel draped around the neck, representing his role in the boxing ring. Additionally, a pair of old-school athletic shoes or boxing shoes will complete the look. If you want to add more detail, consider carrying a pair of boxing gloves or a whistle to emphasize his coaching role.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Doc Louis's sweatshirt. Start with a plain white or light-colored sweatshirt or hoodie as the base. You can create a WVBA logo using fabric paint or by printing and ironing on a transfer. If the WVBA logo is not available, any boxing-related logo or design can work as a substitute to convey his association with the sport.

Including quotes or catchphrases from Doc Louis can add authenticity and character to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today, Mac!," "Stick and move, Mac, stick and move.," "Dancing like a fly, bite like a mosquito!," "Hit 'em baby!," and "Remember, Mac, winners don't use drugs!." These quotes capture Doc Louis's motivational spirit, his role as a trainer, and his memorable style of coaching, making them great for adding depth to your character portrayal at events or themed parties.

About Doc Louis

Around the year 1954, Doc Louis achieved fame as a heavyweight boxer in the United States. When he becomes a coach in the sport decades later, he comes across Little Mac who aspires to become a professional boxer. Eventually, Doc decides to take on Little Mac and trains him throughout his journey to become a professional boxer. When Mac is in between rounds, Doc will advise Mac on his opponent’s weakness or uncover a trick that Mac can exploit in order to win the match.

If you play the sparring match against Doc in the video game Punch-Out!!, you can witness Doc throwing Star Punches at you. The move he came up with, Doc gets a star off of you by throwing a very quick hook before throwing his Star Punch. There’s a few moments where Doc pulls out a chocolate bar and if you happen to knock it out of his hands, he will take off his track jacket to reveal a jaguar shirt underneath.

Doc Louis

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