How to Dress Like Doc Holliday

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Trench Coat
Victorian Collar Dress Shirt
Satin Floral Puff Tie
Gun Holster
Red Vest
Cowboy Boots
Pinned Stripe Pants
Mustache Stickers
Cowboy Hat

Best Doc Holliday Costume Guide

Doc Holliday is a tough-talking gunman and gambler played by Val Kilmer in the 1993 film Tombstone. In real life, John Henry “Doc” Holliday was a friend of the iconic frontier man Wyatt Earp. Holiday was ultimately deputized as a lawman in the town of Tombstone and helped the Earp brothers defend the town against a gang of cowboys in the historic gunfight at the OK Corral. Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holliday in Tombstone stays pretty close to the true story of Holliday, though the film and characters are embellished for dramatic effect. Get the look of the quick-drawing cowboy with this Doc Holliday costume guide.

Transform yourself by cosplaying Doc Holliday, a key character in frontier history, by wearing a Trench Coat, Victorian Collar Dress Shirt, Satin Floral Puff Tie, Gun Holster, Red Vest, Cowboy Boots, Pinned Stripe Pants, Mustache Stickers, and a trusty Cowboy Hat.

Doc Holliday Cosplay Costumes

Who doesn’t love dressing up as characters from the Wild West? Great western movies are littered with memorable characters, and the 1993 movie Tombstone is just one example. Maybe you have a Western-themed costume party to attend or would just like to cosplay a historical character. Doc Holliday was the well-dressed, yet cocky cowboy who routinely drank too much alcohol. Gear up with traditional cowboy attire and head over to the OK Corral.

You could team up with your own crew, The Earp brothers–Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, and Morgan Earp. These frontier characters should be fun to cosplay. You and your friends will have a great time dressed as these legendary gunslingers of the Wild West. If you and your friends get a posse together and dress as your favorite Tombstone characters, we’d love to see!

Doc Holliday Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the charismatic world of Doc Holliday from the classic western film “Tombstone” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Embrace the style of this iconic gunslinger and gambler as we guide you through the essentials for recreating his memorable look.

Doc Holliday's costume primarily consists of a Victorian-era gentleman's attire. This includes a white dress shirt, a richly patterned vest, a long black frock coat, and formal trousers. Accessories such as a cravat or ascot tie, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pocket watch chain are also crucial to replicate his distinguished style.

Look for a wide-brimmed, black or dark-colored hat typical of the late 19th century. The hat should have a noticeable curve to the brim and may include a decorative band. This style of hat is a key element in capturing the essence of Holliday's appearance.

Opt for period-appropriate footwear like black or dark brown Victorian-style boots. They should have a slight heel and be polished to match the refined nature of Doc Holliday's overall ensemble.

Adding a pocket watch with a chain, a silver or gold-colored vest, and a dark, patterned cravat or ascot tie can greatly enhance the authenticity of your Doc Holliday costume. Additionally, incorporating a replica prop gun in a holster adds to the gunslinger aspect of his character.

Doc Holliday is known for his witty and memorable lines in "Tombstone." Including some of his quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Some famous lines are: "I'm your huckleberry.," "You're a daisy if you do.," "Say when.," "It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds." and "I have not yet begun to defile myself." These quotes reflect Doc Holliday's sharp tongue, fearless attitude, and the complex layers of his character, making your costume portrayal more dynamic and engaging.

About Doc Holliday

John Henry “Doc” Holliday was a real-life gunslinger, gambler, and lawman from the 1800’s. He has been the subject of various portrayals in books, television, and films throughout history. However, one of the most popular portrayals has been Van Kilmer in the 1993 film Tombstone. In the film, we meet Doc Holliday who is living in the city of Tombstone, Arizona when his old friend Wyatt Earp comes to town. Along with his brothers Morgan and Virgil, Wyatt Earp is looking to put his days as a gunslinger behind him and settle down in Tombstone.

It isn’t long before a group of outlaws called The Cowboys begin to cause trouble. Doc Holliday is drawn into the conflict with the Earp brothers. The conflict culminates in the famous gunfight at the OK Corral, a historic confrontation in Western history. While not the lead character, critics suggest Val Kilmer stole many of the scenes in Tombstone with his portrayal of Doc Holliday.

Doc Holliday

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