How to Dress Like Disgust

Green Chacter Flip Wig
Disgust Dress with Scarf
Green False Eyelashes
Classic Face Paint
Diamond Glitter Emerald Green
Violet Chiffon Neckerchief
Cotton-Spandex Jersey Legging (Forest)
Indoor Ballet Flat Slipper
  1. Green Character Flip Wig Check Price
  2. Disgust Dress with Scarf Check Price
  3. Green False Eyelashes Check Price
  4. Classic Face Paint Check Price
  5. Diamond Glitter Emerald Green Check Price
  6. Violet Chiffon Neckerchief Check Price
  7. Cotton-Spandex Jersey Legging (Forest) Check Price
  8. Indoor Ballet Flat Slipper Check Price

Best Disgust Costume Guide

Go green and dress like Disgust, one of the five emotions controlling Riley’s mind from the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out. Disgust is a highly opinionated emotion that absolutely refuses to lower her standard. Take your costume Inside Out with a Green Character Flip Wig, Green Classic Face Paint, Diamond Glitter Emerald Green, Green False Eyelashes, and Disgust Dress with Scarf. Add Cotton-Spandex Jersey Leggings (Forest), Violet Chiffon Neckerchief, and Indoor Ballet Flat Slippers to have a look good enough even for Disgust’s high expectations.

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