How to Dress Like Disgust

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Green Chacter Flip Wig
Disgust Dress with Scarf
Green False Eyelashes
Classic Face Paint
Diamond Glitter Emerald Green
Violet Chiffon Neckerchief
Cotton-Spandex Jersey Legging (Forest)
Indoor Ballet Flat Slipper

Best Disgust Costume Guide

Go green and dress like Disgust, one of the five emotions controlling Riley’s mind from the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out. Disgust is a highly opinionated emotion that absolutely refuses to lower her standard. Take your costume Inside Out with a Green Character Flip Wig, Green Classic Face Paint, Diamond Glitter Emerald Green, Green False Eyelashes, and Disgust Dress with Scarf. Add Cotton-Spandex Jersey Leggings (Forest), Violet Chiffon Neckerchief, and Indoor Ballet Flat Slippers to have a look good enough even for Disgust’s high expectations.

Disgust Cosplay Costumes

Disney’s 2015 smash hit “Inside Out” gives a unique perspective on a young girl named Riley as she grows up and begins to deal with more grown-up problems and emotions. Riley’s emotions are personified by characters in the movie that lives inside her head. One character, Disgust, is a great character for cosplayers because of her fun costume and personality. Start with a green dress and tights as well as a green wig. Disgust also wears purple ballet flats and a purple neck scarf. Don’t forget her long green eyelashes! If you want to cosplay with friends, have them go along with the other emotions in Riley’s head like Anger, Joy, or Sadness.

Disgust Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the sassy and fastidious world of Disgust from Disney’s “Inside Out” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to help you embody Disgust’s unique style and personality, perfect for anyone looking to capture the essence of this memorable emotion character.

Disgust's look is distinctive and colorful. Key elements include a green, knee-length dress with a floral pattern, a purple scarf or necktie, and green leggings or tights. She wears ballet flats, usually in a shade of green or purple. Her look is completed with a stylish, short green wig, capturing her expressive and particular personality.

Disgust has short, vibrant green hair that's styled in a sleek, angled bob with side-swept bangs. If you don’t have similar hair, a short green wig can be styled to achieve this look. For makeup, focus on purple eyeshadow, long eyelashes, and a disdainful yet stylish expression to mimic her characteristic look.

The dress is a key component of Disgust's outfit. Look for a knee-length, A-line dress in a bright green color, preferably with a subtle floral pattern. If you can't find a floral dress, a plain green dress can be embellished with floral appliques or fabric paint.

Disgust's main accessory is her purple scarf or necktie, which she wears around her neck. Additionally, consider a pair of fake long eyelashes to emphasize her expressive eyes. If you want to add more to the costume, a small, fashionable clutch or purse in matching colors could enhance the look.

To bring more authenticity to your costume, here are some memorable Disgust quotes: "Ugh, I don't want to hear about your sad life, I have my own problems.," "That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur. Hold on, guys. It's broccoli!," "Great, now when Riley thinks of a happy family memory, we're all going to be wearing these hideous bear suits.," "It's so obvious. Let's just lock the door and never let her out again." and "I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome." These quotes capture Disgust's personality: her sass, her fastidious nature, and her dry sense of humor.

About Disgust

Disgust is very opinionated and often speaks her mind. Like Riley’s other emotions, Disgust has Riley’s best interests at heart and she views it as her mission to keep Riley away from anything that’s gross or unfashionable. Although Disgust can be fairly impatient, she does have high standards for Riley and refuses to lower them. Check out our website for photos to help with your own Disgust costume, and be sure to upload your photos to our gallery!


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