How to Dress Like Director Krennic

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Flat-Front Pant
45-Inch White Cape
Genuine Leather Gloves
Pull-On Long Sleeve Chef's Tunic
Gotham-100 Boots
Star Wars Imperial Officer Captain Major Admiral Rank Insignia Emblem
Star Wars Imperial Officer Waist Belt

Best Director Krennic Costume Guide

Dress up as Director Krennic from Rogue One and instill fear in the hearts of your enemies. Krennic’s ruthless plan to build the Death Star and help the Empire dominate the galaxy was carried out perfectly and with little interference – until the rebels arrived.

Building the perfect Krennic costume won’t take much. You’ll need a pull-on long sleeve chef’s tunic, 45-inch white cape, black flat-front pants, genuine leather gloves, and a pair of Gotham-100 boots. To finish the look, add a Star Wars Imperial Officer waist belt and a Star Wars Imperial Officer captain major admiral rank insignia emblem.

Director Krennic Cosplay Costumes

Be a ruthless commander at your next cosplay convention by dressing up as Director Krennic from Rogue One. With your tunic, white cape, and Imperial Officer emblem, you’ll look just like the man that created the Death Star. Oh, and you’re going to want some black leather gloves – all of the best villains in the Star Wars galaxy wear them.

If you really want to blow people away, get some of your friends to cosplay as other Rogue One characters with you, like Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. There’s always Darth Vader too, but if you bring him along, make sure not to get on his bad side. Check out these cosplayers for some inspiration – they prove that Director Krennic is one of the most terrifying forces in the galaxy.

Director Krennic Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the world of the Galactic Empire with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for Director Orson Krennic, the formidable and ambitious Imperial officer from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” This guide is designed for fans and cosplayers who wish to accurately portray Krennic’s authoritative and elegant style. From his pristine white uniform to his commanding presence, we detail everything you need to embody this memorable character.

Director Krennic's outfit is characterized by its striking, clean white appearance. The key elements include a white Imperial officer's tunic with a high collar, white trousers, and a matching white cape with a red lining. The uniform should be well-tailored to give off a sharp and authoritative look, befitting an officer of Krennic's stature in the Empire.

Krennic's cape is one of his most iconic features. It's long, white, and has a red lining, adding a touch of elegance and menace. You can either find a replica online or create one using white fabric with a red lining. The cape should drape elegantly and have a commanding presence.

Director Krennic wears black leather boots that are polished and refined, in line with his high-ranking position. Choose boots that are sleek and have a military-style appearance, ensuring they are well-polished to maintain the pristine look of his uniform.

Essential accessories for Director Krennic include his Imperial officer's belt, which is a wide black belt with a large, silver buckle. Additionally, Krennic is often seen with his DT-29 heavy blaster pistol, so a replica of this weapon will add authenticity to your costume. A pair of black leather gloves will also complement the outfit.

Director Krennic is known for his ambition and pride. Here are some memorable quotes: "We stand here amidst my achievement, not yours!," "The power that we are dealing with here is immeasurable.," "You have made time an ally of the Rebellion. I suggest we solve both problems simultaneously with an immediate test of the weapon.," "Are we blind? Deploy the garrison!," and "I will not fail." These quotes capture Krennic's determination, his pride in the Death Star, and his intense loyalty to the Empire.

About Director Krennic

Orson Callan Krennic was a Lieutenant Commander within the Galactic Republic. He joined the Galactic Republic at the age of fifteen, after being recruited to develop his skills in architecture in a youth program. Krennic’s ability to manipulate others was noticed by his superiors, and it led to him being promoted quickly through the ranks of the Republic. Eventually, Krennic was made a member of the Republic Special Weapons Group. In this role, he was charged with developing a super weapon that could be used against the Separatists.

Krennic, with the help of his friend and renowned scientist Galen Erso, was able to push forward with the construction of a super weapon – the Death Star – for the Republic. Krennic was unaware that Galen secretly designed a way for the Death Star to be destroyed. When Krennic learned of Galen’s betrayal, he used the Empire’s military force to prevent the Alliance from getting the Death Star plans. In the end, Krennic failed, and the Alliance was successful in obtaining the plans. As Krennic was about to kill Galen’s daughter, Jyn Erso, he was shot dead by Cassian Andor.

Director Krennic

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