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Dilbert Costume Guide
Black Dress Pants
Short Sleeve Dress Shirt
Black Dress Shoes
Black and Red Tie
Round Glasses
Bendable Wire
Ballpoint Pen
Dogbert Plush

Best Dilbert Costume Guide

Dilbert is the main character in a popular comic strip of the same name, created by Scott Adams and first appearing in 1989. Dilbert is a lower level engineer working in a big company which is portrayed in a way that reflects the working conditions of countless offices throughout the globe. Dilbert loves computers, technology, and sometimes genius inventions. However, a running joke in the comic is that his ideas are almost never taken on board by the company due to meddling management types.

Dilbert is presented as somewhat of a nerd, and though he lacks the social skills to have a love life, he is happy living with his dog, Dogbert. If you want to become everybody’s favorite beaten-down office worker, you’ll need to get yourself a Short Sleeve Dress Shirt, Black and Red Tie, Bendable Wire, Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shoes, Ballpoint Pen, Round Glasses and a Dogbert Plush.

Dilbert Cosplay Costumes

Dilbert is a much-loved comic strip character who has been around since 1989. His image has become somewhat of an iconic representation of the frustrated office worker, so this costume idea is bound to connect with a whole range of people. If you are in fact a disgruntled office worker, we would highly recommend wearing this costume to a work function rather than other characters like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. You don’t want to frighten them.

There is a little trick to this costume too. You need to use the Bendable Wire to slip into the tie, as Dilbert is usually shown with his tie inexplicably turning upwards. Fun fact – when asked about whether Dilbert would ever be ‘successful’ in a romantic sense, he explained that he wouldn’t be able to get such a topic past the censors, however for fans of the comic, if Dilbert ever did consummate a relationship, his tie would be drawn normal and flat. So make sure you get the tie right!

About Dilbert

Dilbert is the main character in a comic strip created by Scott Adams in 1989 about a frustrated office worker in his daily goings-on. Originally, the comic was based more on Dilbert’s home life with his pet Dogbert who had dreams of world domination, and Dilbert’s own weird and wonderful inventions. Dilbert increased significantly in popularity however when the focus was shifted to his job as an engineer, working for a fictional company who often ignored his ideas. When the series began to play on the satire of office politics and technology, it became more familiar for a broader range of people who experience the same kind of office drudgery that Dilbert goes through.

Through the years he has been the subject of several books, the ongoing comic strip, a video game, and even an animated television series with Daniel Stern providing the voice of Dilbert. The show even won a Golden Globe in its first season.


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