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Best Dick Dastardly Halloween Costume Guide

Dick Dastardly is an evil villain and a greedy schemer. He is accompanied by his devilish little dog Muttly, whose signature wheezy laugh is infamous. Dick Dastardly gained fame in two popular cartoon series by Hanna-Barbera: Wacky Racers and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines.

While Dick Dastardly may be a schemer, he is nevertheless an innovative inventor and isn’t afraid of a bit of adventure along the way. To dress up like him, you should start by getting yourself his iconic Purple Trench Coat and red Aviator Hat coupled with Men’s Casual Pants. Next you’ll need a pair of red Genuine Leather Gloves to match your aviator hat. After that, get yourself a set of 10 Manliest Mustaches for a Dick Dastardly worthy handlebar mustache. Finally, don’t forget about your dog and get him the cute Muttly Dog Costume as well!

Dick Dastardly Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up like Dick Dastardly is easy. What makes it a bit complicated is that because Dick Dastardly is always accompanied by the faithful companion Muttly, you might need to get a dog as well. But, you can always borrow your neighbor or friend’s pet dog to complete the cosplay. Bonus points if it can laugh at your stupid mistakes! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, color your car purple with temporary spray paint and recreate “The Mean Machine,” Dick Dastardly’s race car.

But what’s the fun in cosplaying alone? Why not get together and create a Hanna Barbera style team. Your friends can dress up as Yogi Bear, Penelope Pitstop, Fred Flintstone or Scooby Doo! Take a look at the cosplay gallery for more inspiration. You’ll surely find some great ideas. Don’t forget to send in pictures of yourDick Dastardly cosplay!

About Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly—a passionate inventor, a villainous schemer, an excited adventurer, and yet, not good at any of those things. Famous for trying to cheat his way through races and doing his best to capture an enemy messenger pigeon, he has never succeeded in any one of those areas. He is also the creator of “The Mean Machine,” a vehicle he designed to have traps and tricks to defeat his opponents. But unsurprisingly, the only person this car of his ever hurts is himself.

And let’s not forget Muttly, the dog who laughs at his mistakes with an unforgettable wheezy giggle. Whenever things go wrong with Dick Dastardly, he turns to his faithful dog for help. But alas, Muttly proves nothing more than a final nail in the coffin for Dick Dastardly’s schemes. So, if you want to spell bad luck and bring devastation wherever you go, this the perfect character to cosplay!

Dick Dastardly

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